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ARC - Anime Remix Halloween Remix Competition 2008!


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As is tradition since 2004, October is Halloween competition month at Anime Remix! Here's this year's rules:

[1]The songs are due October 30th at 23:59 Eastern U.S. time, the day before Halloween, so we can all listen to the songs on Halloween.

[2]The songs must be in mp3, ogg, or wma format [if you're into that sort of thing]. There is no limit on length, though try to make the song longer than a minute.

[3]The song must be a remix of a song from a dark/horror-themed/halloween-ish animation OR a dark/horror-themed remix of any animation [e.g. a demented version of the Chipmunk's theme song]

[4]When you finish, find hosting for your song [senduit or rapidshare, or your own webspace, etc, as long as it's not a hassle to download] and private message me on the Anime Remix messageboard with the link, or send me the song through IRC, I'll usually be in #animeremix on EsperNet.

Have fun everyone! I'm looking forward to some great entries like last year! Speaking of which, here's the previous years songs:





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(A little part of me tingles inside when I see this thread every year. Here's to another good round of submissions!)

You may have to hold off on that toast :(

Download the entries here.

This year we got 2 entries, a trance song from Avaris and a super creepy ambient tune from a new face to the competition, One Thousand Worlds. Yeah, sorry, I didn't enter this year and neither did Xaleph, but life's kinda slapped us on the face this month - Xaleph with yet another adorable baby, and me with a tiring, unfulfilling full time job that for some reason started giving me split days off this month, not to mention I was researching to vote on something far more important than any remix competition. Also, this is mainly my fault but I bought Fallout 3 ... so there goes a lot of my time :(! I'm sure you all had your reasons as well.

Anyway, enough about Matt and I, let's talk about the songs. Since there were only two submissions this year, should we even bother voting? What do you guys think?

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