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  1. She - Chiptek Click the album for a preview (or YouTube it). Benjamin Briggs - The Briggs Effect
  2. Get Lucky was leaked. Sounds awesome after hearing so many snippets/previews/interviews.
  3. Insane in the Membrane, a beast of an achievement in World of Warcraft. If the linked article is too long for you, let me break it down for you. You had to simultaneously have exalted reputation with the following factions: #1 Bloodsail Buccaneers (Time Consumption 5%) - Earn approx 20,000 rep. At 25 rep for each monster killed, that's 800 kills. Try to kill more than one at a time and you'll get slaughtered. High difficulty with a low kill count and no loot rewards. #2 Steamwheedle Cartel (Time Consumption 40%) - Earn approx 60,000 rep. At 5 rep per kill, that's 12,000 kills. If you cough at one of the enemies they will die. No difficulty with a high kill count. You don't loot the bodies because it more than doubles your time investment for little return. No loot. #3 Shen'dralar (Time Consumption 25%) - Earn 42,000 rep. Gather 84 books (1% drop, you can only hold 3 books at a time), 84 diamonds (less than 1% drop if you want to find them OR super expensive if you want to buy them), and some other more common stuff (but still pricey) from a place called Dire Maul, home of the ogres. Those damn ogres. Expensive. #4 Darkmoon Faire (Time Consumption 10%) - Earn 42,000 rep. Collect 960 playing cards (120 decks of 8 cards each) and turn them in to a collector NPC. Common cards are cheap, but each deck has at least one rare card that is about the same price as the diamonds mentioned above. Expensive. #5 Ravenholdt (Time Consumption 20%) - Earn 42,000 rep. Start off by killing 4,200 mobs (dead if you cough at them but they hide in the shadows and have no loot). Then, play a new character class to almost maximum level if you aren't playing one already. With that character, you head out to an underground jail out in the middle of fucking nowhere. Sneak around undetected in there and pickpocket monsters for 1,400 of an uncommon item. You can only hold about 100 at a time. Then you go back to the main city and mail them to your main character for him to turn in at a collector NPC. Then back to the middle of nowhere. City. Boondocks. City. No man's land. City. Montana. Boring. All that for a little title above your head.
  4. On that note: Brushfire, PLEASE get the post-jacuzzi video posted somewhere, if only for a few days. It deserves to be seen.
  5. Thanks Cody. We had a blast making it and hearing arguments on both sides of the fence about it many years later keeps us entertained. Flik is just rapping about the cartridge, but some people seem to think he takes on Jeff's qualities a bit in the track. Take it a step further and then you associate MythNaz with Paula. Sweet, humble, innocent, badass rapper Paula...
  6. Muahahahaha, I'm a secret even after you got your gift! While he and I don't talk much, Chris and I are still friends, and I'm thrilled he was able to hook me (you) up with that album. It was printed in limited quantities and is no longer available for purchase, but he had an extra copy that is now yours! Also, check your PMs! I signed you up for a pre-order of Mazedude's American Pixels album which will be released in 2013. Anyone who pre-orders also gets a free download of Star Spangled Chips, a chiptune remix EP. So that's waiting for you, too. Merry Christmas, dude.
  7. I'm online most evenings. I see Gollgagh on a lot and nobody else.
  8. WRONG! Nonamer got me the book The Art of Video Games along with some other cool and edible stuff. I will edit this post with pictures as soon as I can find my USB cable. My holiday shopping will be done this coming weekend, so keep watching your mail everyone!
  9. An early Christmas present? For me? So goooooooooooood. See you at MAG, dude.
  10. I swear I typed this up and hit send already .. maybe it was a late night. I realize that I've become a lurker this past year: only 11 posts since last year's SS. Shame on me. But, if you consider my post(s) last year as sort of a new year's resolution, then I've definitely kept it. I bought 3 games at release this year. Woohoo! Anyway, onto my vital SS statistics. I prefer practicality over prettiness, so lean towards something useful if you're stumped. Somebody handmade me a plush Cactuar in a previous OCR SS (which I loved), so remember that it's only a preference. I dig gaming, music, Phillies baseball, Flyers hockey, and things to entertain my girlfriend (nothing crude). I'd prefer no new games since I have plenty to play right now, but Steam wishlist because everyone else is. Snacks and candy are good too, but avoid chocolate if possible.
  11. This game progresses just like "Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms" from a few years ago.
  12. Bunch of nerds itt. Moguta and I have been rooming together at MAG for 7 years now (with two other random folks to keep costs down) and have been incident free every time. I'm here trying to extend that streak to 8 years. We have two open room spots! Requirements are basic: Alcohol, room hangouts, and games are cool. Drunks, parties, and drama are not cool. Also, don't be a dick. Interested? PM me. Update 10/22: Our roommates from last year (they were MAG noobs) are coming again this year and they were awesome dudes. Thanks anyway for the PMs guys. Some nostalgia from last year to jazz up the hype: Three Sorority Girls Discover MAGFest. Yeah, weird awesome shit happens to me sometimes.
  13. I only played vanilla GW1, which was way before this HoM stuff, so I got 0 points.
  14. While keeping my admin abilities would be cool, I can firmly state that I have moved on to other games for primary entertainment. TF2 is in more of a nostalgia / change of pace category for me these days.
  15. That was well over an hour after I left you guys. Probably closer to 2 hours.
  16. See above. I updated my post big time with video links!
  17. I know for a fact it wasn't Luke's set (A_Rival), because he was hanging out right outside the concert room when this was going on. Dude just had a Gameboy, no laptop. I think he was black. But this makes the story that much cooler; the chicks came back to the concert room to dance with Luke?? I didn't know this. Holy shit. They stayed up there MUCH longer than they did for Dauragon. I was sadly asleep by this point, probably.
  18. This is neither a picture nor a video (picture coming later), but a story that I've been told to post for all to read. Note: Conversations are paraphrased since I don't have a snapshot memory. Three Sorority Girls Discover Magfest Scene: Sunday morning, between 2 and 3AM. After chilling out in the Lumberjack Lounge for a couple of hours, I decided it was time to hit the sack. The quickest route to my room was down the elevator, a walk across the lobby, and back up the other side elevator. I elevated downward, hit Floor 1, and headed toward the red carpet by the check-in desk. Before my slippers hit the carpet, I hear "Hey you!" from semi-behind me and turn to find a mid twenties female in a cocktail dress, makeup, jewelry, heels, and obviously curious .. without a MAGFest badge. And hot, by most standards. "Are you part of this convention? Who are all these people?" she asks. "This is MAGFest, where the MAG stands for Music and Gaming. We play video games, listen to game music, that sort of thing," I reply. With that, two of her friends (also dressed to the nines and hot) enter the lobby, walk over, and start asking her what's going on. I reiterate the above and we exchange names and formalities. They were part of a larger group of sorority sisters from a college (withheld for privacy) and were out celebrating Girl #3’s birthday. They had driven quite a ways to get to the area and were spending the night at the Gaylord. "I want to play Mario Kart. Do they have Mario Kart?" Girl #1 says. "You can't get into the game room without paying for a badge." "Where can I buy a badge? I really want to play some Mario Kart." "I doubt that the registration booth is open, but I can show you." "Awesome! I know everybody’s going to like me playing Mario Kart because I lose a lot." "That’s not the only reason why they’re going to like you." I got a cheap laugh from one of them, and we took the escalator up to Floor 2. I notice all the visual attention the girls and I are getting (OK, maybe it was just the girls), and simultaneously become aware of my situation. Pretty awesome feeling, but I still had a mission to get these girls to the game room. We walk past the panels rooms and the concert rooms to find the registration booth ... closed. The secret chiptune concert is blasting not too far away, so I keep the conversation going. "Looks like you can’t buy a badge, so they will turn you away from the game room. You guys want to hear the concert?" They silently follow me to the concert where Dauragon was jamming out on his Gameboy to an upbeat, dancey mix. Girl #2 leaves to use the restroom. We stop somewhere in the middle of the small crowd of ~20 people and girl #1 immediately says, "I want to dance up on the stage. Can I do that?" It doesn’t matter what I said in response, because girls #1 and 3 walk toward stage right without acknowledging me. And they start dancing with Dauragon while met with loud cheers from the crowd. There were some crude crowd comments that were said, and needless to say, the girls didn’t appreciate them (they said so afterwards). Girl #3 got stage fright and walked back to me after that, but Girl #1, still as curious as when she said hi to me, was talking to Dauragon about his music while he’s standing there making it. He even lets her push a button to drop the beat after a breakdown. Dude was chill. Girl #1 walks offstage, Girl #2 comes back from the restroom, and Girls #1 and 2 go BACK up on the stage and dance with Dauragon more. More cheers. I snapped a picture of the girls on stage with my buddy q-pa’s camera (the only photo evidence I have of this story). But even better: somebody took video. The video starts here and continues into video as well. Girl #1 = black dress, Girl #2 = brown dress, Girl #3 = blue dress.The girls get bored and start leaving. I chat a minute more with q-pa and then again with A_Rival. They compliment me on my dates for the evening (ha!) and I catch up to the girls who are visibly lost in the monster that is the Gaylord. "We’re headed to our rooms to freshen up," Girl #3 says. "And let me guess: you can’t find the elevators?" I say. "No, we’re lost." "I’ll show you where they are, since the closest elevators are not the ones you need to take to get to your room (for those that attended, the hotel rooms were partitioned)." "Steve, thanks for being nice to us not like those other guys. You want to join us for some shots?" says Girl #1. And unfortunately, this is where the story gets sad. Apparently, a dude in khakis and a polo chatting it up with 3 very well dressed ladies is an invitation for all to join. "Did somebody say shots? I’m totally up for some shots!" From behind comes two guys committed to getting themselves involved with these girls in the creepiest way possible. I can appreciate a dude with balls, but their drunken state screamed awkward instead of oozed cool. The girls are friendly with them and excited about shots, but Girl #1 shoots me a disturbed look and I can tell this ship isn’t going to stay afloat for long. I get the now larger group of us moving to the other end of the hotel, but the best way I can describe the next 45 seconds it takes to get across the atrium is this: the girls are chewed up gum rolling across a dirty carpet. We managed to pick up five more creepy dudes in that timeframe, totaling 11 of us waiting at the elevators. 10 of the 11 get in an elevator, the doors close, and that is the cliffhanger ending to my story. Fin Bigtime edit: Added video links! Apparently the girls weren't creeped out as much as I thought, because they came back down for A_Rival's show after I last saw them and went to bed. More video for the curious! I'm really glad these videos showcase the awesome parts of my story vs. the not so awesome parts. The girls rolled with it though, and came back for more.
  19. My dude should have his gifts now. I hope you enjoy!
  20. Or it's really cool and she doesn't want you to know she got to it first.
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