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Russian Revolution powerpoint music


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I'm helping a friend with a project. We're doing a powerpoint presentation about the russian revolution. tsarr nicholas II and all that stuff. I need some music for it and I'm not sure where to look. Authentic russian music isn't everywhere apparently. I'm not sure what format it needs to be in either. So can somebody please help me out?

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Just use Korobelniki done by the Red Army Choir



Song of the Volga Boatman done by the Red Army Choir as well..

Red Army is Strongest


For more stuff try this place...


Just ask me if u want anything in particular...

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Can't go wrong with Katyusha. :) Actually I think it'd be pretty hilarious if you used the 8-bit version in your presentation. :D

Or use Kaijin's remix from No Balls No Glory.

Katyusha's too short but I do agree with the other choices :lol:

Try Kalinka with a bit of eye-candy...


Also this made me cry the first time I saw this on account how fucked up it all goes...

What a horrible waste...

Dark Eyes

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