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I've created an online OC ReMix Jukebox.


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I'm still uploading the files (and downloading 1000-1700), but it's working with the ones I've uploaded so far.

To use it, click on "register" and create an account, then log in. The left-hand panel is navigation, and you can browse the songs by clicking on the house icon.

If there are any problems (or suggestions/comments/questions/whatever), please tell me so I can address them.

Have fun!



Alrighty. I'm still uploading files (and am almost finished downloading the last of 1000-1700), and am working with my limited PHP skills to make this more usable.

Changes coming:

(More) Minor icon updates

More tagging options (original song, etc.)

Linking songs to their OC Remix pages (???)

Changes completed:

Rating a song on its page (click on the song title in your playlist and you can rate it)

Batch downloading of albums turned on (gives you a zip file; kind of useless right now)

Shoutbox (click on the icon_shout.png icon to leave a comment on a song that will show on the front page).

Have fun!

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Alright. The system is completely working (as far as I can tell), and it has 339.4 songs (?) of the first 1000.

I'm still uploading, but it works for the first 339.4 songs in alphabetical order. I'm listening to it right now. :)

Also, you can download songs by clicking the little floppy disk icon next to the song title in the listing.

Feel free to do so (or download them manually, at http://bunnitude.com/ampache/music/ocr/); I have unlimited bandwidth. Hooray for bandwidth!

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this is actually really nice.

here's a few things i'd like to see:

-a way to limit what's being played based on date posted, game, and possibly even song. i mean, i can listen to this stuff in itunes, but if you have the backend to put in that info, that'd be great! if you showed me what to do, i could help input all that info.

-fixed tags, thus making the albums/genres list actually work (rather than having multiple albums that are actually the same thing)

good work, man!

EDIT: something else that'd be AMAZING is a user-driven tagging setup implemented throughout. to actually be able to classify ocremixes by genre...that'd be awesome! i think joshua morse attempted something similar last year but no one got involved. it would make paging through pages of mixes i've never heard SO much easier and more fun.

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I don't know about user tagging (I'll have to do some more research), but I can make each game its own seperate album. How's that sound?


I will make anybody who wants to be into a Catalog Manager so that they can edit the songs' metadata. To edit it, go to one of the browse modes and click the little icon_edit.png icon.



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