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Metal Gear electro-dance mix; feedback craved!


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Mostly yes, but not when you've got an update and no comments.

Source is there, but aside from the style change, it might be a little close to source. Someone who knows the source from before or has the time to listen through a few times could probably give you a better answer. I think it's in the green, but you might want to check with a judge on irc just to be safe.

Around 2:00 you've got the melodies buried under the badass saw thing. Drums suffer... actually the rest of the track suffers from how the drums push the compression. Get those levels more balanced.

3:45 melody sounds a little too exposed that panned and undisturbed by the other instruments. Pan it less, and it might fit better, or you could put something else panned opposite.

Actually, you should check with a judge about the whole track. Might be a bit too minimalist, might not have sufficient interpretation. I dunno the standards well enough to tell.

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Overall, it sounds very good, but the bassline and cymbals make it... jarring. I found myself having to turn the volume down, but then I couldn't hear the melody. Don't get me wrong; the bassline is awesome. It's just also very loud, and that kinda takes away from the piece.

The music is there, it just seems like its buried.

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