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Morrowind Remix - Vvardenfell Nights


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The remix that I am currently working on is based on the main melody line for The Elderscrolls III: Morrowind. I've been working on this piece off and on for the past two months due too lack of time; University essay and exams.

This is still a pretty rough draft as the original was deleted because of a corruption error and when I re-wrote it I had an different second section which I had decided to change to something more akin to the first part.

Here's the link for the song: http://www.last.fm/music/Asmodean/Remixes/Vvardenfell+Nights

Tell me what you think!

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No source link, just source memory... which might not be as good as it should.

The guitar in the intro needs more reverb, it's pretty dry atm. It's pretty much the same thing over and over, the track could benefit from some creative original writing, as well as changes to the chord progression during the iterations. Changing from minor to major key would make for an interesting change. Change something more than just the rhythms and stuff. This is a problem during the first half of the track, I'm hearing a fair amount of that stuff later on. Still, past 4 minutes, the guitar still plays the same old theme we've all heard over and over by now. Interpret _that_ more.

Sorry to hear the old file got corrupted. Well, this time you're better at this stuff. :)

Basically, the technical crits I have are mostly about the dry sound some of the instruments have. Can't actually think of anything but that. Arrangement crits are about the lack of rewriting of the main theme through its many iterations. Those things aside, there's a lot of stuff in this that I enjoy, like the carousel-type music at 3:14. Once again a repetition issue there, but that one was nicely rewritten. Needs some work to really fit into the rest of the track, but it's probably the best interpretation of the source in the whole track. The rising and falling arpeggios that backs up the following iteration of the theme are nice too, gives it a more interpreted feel. Still... needs _more_ stuff like that. More interpretation.

Keep a backup this time, just in case. I'd hate to see this develop and then... poof, corrputed. Good luck with it.

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Hmm, I usually like to try to bring up different points than other people, when giving feedback on a song...

To elaborate on Rozo's "Guitar is too dry" statement, sounds like a harpsichord, but okay. there's just too much attack, not enough continuity from note to note. Doesn't allow you to artistically shape any phrase because it's all just "TONG TONG TONG.... TONG TONG TONG... TONG TONG TONG, TO-TONG TONG TONG TONG"


- I wouldn't go with the harpsichord lead for very long if at all. You've got a synth thing going in the background, and some pretty cool percussion stuff going on (needs to be varied a bit more, and humanized, but not bad), then you have a baroque-ish lead thing going on. Kinda doesn't mix too well, in my opinion.

- I appreciate the feel change at 2:03, but the initial cello? sound that you have sounds too mechanical. The string buildup is okay, I'd explore that feel a bit more, make it more expressive. Around 2:23 or so, it just sounds way too empty, and the harpsichord doesn't save it.

- At 2:54, you go for... a Donkey Kong kind of thing? Completely lost me there.

- Waltzy section, a nice feel change, again, the ideas are good, but the execution is slightly lacking. The lead line kinda conflicts with the background in that the lead line wants to be a pirate-ish theme, and the background wants to be a waltz.

- String transition after that is a little rough and sudden.

- And as Rozo said, it's a really repetitive theme to begin with, so if you want to make it your own, then do exactly that, you can't just copy/paste the same melody into different instruments / time signatures. Explore the potential for melody deviations in each of the styles that you have implemented.

And now... class.

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