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  1. woah, really good. I generally dont like vocal ocrs but i like this a lot. *thumbs up*
  2. Awesome all the way through! Makes me want to play the game again lol.
  3. I enjoyed Dragon Quest 8
  4. Nice remix! One of my favorite video game songs. Great work, sounds submittable to me, hehe.
  5. I care lol, I love NWN. I'll most likely get this game, the overland map exploring sounds a lot better than the old way of travel. Screenshots look cool.
  6. I really like the song, kinda reminds me of Ultima Online too, hehe.
  7. Ultra cool remix, I love the atmosphere it brings to mind; and how the guitar is blended in.
  8. Wow fantastic guitar rhythm! Overall song: 8.5/10. I would love to hear more heavy instrumental stuff on OCR
  9. I think the 10/20/100 etc. are just megabits per second modes it supports. I think 100mbps is plenty for LAN. The more the better if u need to transfer large patches or whatever when youre all set up tho. But the network controller in most computers can handle like 1000mbps tops if its a newer comp. I'd just get a good brand hub like linksys.
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