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  1. woah, really good. I generally dont like vocal ocrs but i like this a lot. *thumbs up*
  2. Awesome all the way through! Makes me want to play the game again lol.
  3. I enjoyed Dragon Quest 8
  4. Nice remix! One of my favorite video game songs. Great work, sounds submittable to me, hehe.
  5. I care lol, I love NWN. I'll most likely get this game, the overland map exploring sounds a lot better than the old way of travel. Screenshots look cool.
  6. I really like the song, kinda reminds me of Ultima Online too, hehe.
  7. Ultra cool remix, I love the atmosphere it brings to mind; and how the guitar is blended in.
  8. Wow fantastic guitar rhythm! Overall song: 8.5/10. I would love to hear more heavy instrumental stuff on OCR
  9. I think the 10/20/100 etc. are just megabits per second modes it supports. I think 100mbps is plenty for LAN. The more the better if u need to transfer large patches or whatever when youre all set up tho. But the network controller in most computers can handle like 1000mbps tops if its a newer comp. I'd just get a good brand hub like linksys.
  10. Cool thanks guys, yeah I'll probably just try eBay because my friends just care about the brand new titles lol.
  11. Hey I was wondering if anyone has sold any of their used games to Gamestop or EB; if so was the money worth the time and effort? I have a lot of fairly recent PC games that I don't play anymore and was thinking of clearing up space in my room. Thanks.
  12. ah, fantastic! im gona have to pick one o these and make a list for later. thx 4 suggestions fellas!
  13. wow cool thx guys! yea i have smash bros and double dash - ill look up the others mentioned.
  14. hey anyone know any good multiplayer games for gc? preferably cooperative not competitive. and simple enough for like my parents to play lol. thx
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