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Imitating the machine...

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Being able to play a different beat every measure is awesome, but wanting to play something more stripped back and simple (Moving from Dil to Coheed, for example) isn't a "waste of talent." It actually opens you up for more subtleties, especially with snare and high-hat work. Dil and The Mars Volta are 100% in your face, all the time. Even when they calm and quiet down, there's nothing subtle about them.

In any case, Coheed is awesome, musically, but their vocals and lyrics are just unlistenable.

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That may be true. But really, I only like one song from Coheed. Welcome Home. I went through a couple of their albums and couldnt find anything i enjoyed other than that.

I don't like them at all. I like the guitar work in almost every one of their songs, but as soon as the guy starts singing, it's a no-go for me. Like Rush.

I just didn't want it to go down in the books that I agreed with the "what a waste" comment, just because he is playing a style that's easier on the ears.

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