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Starcraft Remix - DJ Naff


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Hey Guys well i have made it and i don't know (appart from rapidshare) any decent sites to host my music i have a band page on myspace but never the less i uploaded it to you tube!

The mood i have gone for with this song is a very up beat Trance sound for it

so i shall cut to the chase


I hope to receive Positive critisism as i am working on a second song a bit more ambitious of this one

Cheers! :<

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I've been playing Starcraft recently, and I gotta agree with psychophan7, all I recognize are the sound effects. Doesn't count as a remix, imo.

The music is fairly well mixed, as far as I can tell, but it's not very interesting. Not the writing or instrumentations, so if you'd submit this to ocr, you'd get the form rejection letter. Sorry.

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