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Zelda 3 Ending Credits

Rom Tom

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Its been a while since I posted a remix that needs some advice. But here's another one for you all. It contains elements of trance and percussion. It was basically an experiment on this 'style'. Here it t3h link:


I'd like to know if this style is any good, and the other basic things, such as how can I improve. Also, should I add to it? (The last "ending" chord can easily be removed)


-Rom Tom

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I really liked it. I wouldn't say you need to add any more, because I think you got enough cool ideas across in the time you have. It's a satisfying length.

One thing I would suggest is getting rid of the final chord with the cymbals and two piano notes directly before, then drawing out the new final piano note to last longer. The final chord sounds a bit cheesy, and I think having more of an open-sounding ending like that would be cool. ALSO, the weird slowdown at the beginning takes away from the remix more than it adds. Maybe just a matter of personal taste, but those are my thoughts.

Besides that I can't say much. Good arrangement. I don't have the best ear for production, but it sounds fine to me.

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First note: Around 1:30, when you have the synth start down the octave and move up for the second half/iteration of the melody... it's usually something that is used to build energy, or as a lead-in, and I feel that it doesn't go anywhere. Also, for a "trancey" sounds, your hi-hat is awfully low-pitched.

Second note: You have a REALLY interesting blend of instruments throughout. I also wouldn't call this trance so much as... mellow dance. Either way... Aside from the intro, you don't really add your own thing to the song.

Third note: The drumset that comes in at 2:25 sounds... out of place.

Keep EQ in mind, so pull up some sort of spectrum analysis of your mix. Everything seems to sit below the 500Hz mark for the most part.

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Final strike ont he marimba needs... something. It's too weak as it is, some reverb, delay, or layering might work.

Clap sounds cheesy, and I don't like how it comes in. I also don't like the lead synth, something a bit more interesting and less trancey would probably blend better into the marimba soundscape. the drums and bass all work ok with the marimba, but not the lead. Not trying to tell you how to remix, just... how not to. :D

Piano left-hand writing is a little dull. I agree about the last chord, you could do a long arpeggio or whatever, starting low on the piano and moving up. Just a suggestion, tho.

I like the feel and sound of this, tho. Get it more cohesive and throw out the cheese (or make it clearly intentional). Nice stuff.

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You've picked some great source material to work with.

Starting from the beginning:

The harp is repetitive

There's a nice build up

It doesn't go anywhere

A lot of stacking loops

1:15 and 1:25 - Nice change and nice buildup

1:33 is Sweet

2:00 there's an odd chord and at 2:10 its too repetitive

Piano is too week at 2:44

Ending is anti-climatic

Basically, there are a lot of good ideas that are not being fully realized. Most importantly, don't let this arrrangement sound like you stacked a lot of your own loops. They are good at first, but change them and embelish them over time. I really like from 1:33 to 2:10. The intro is too dry, though. Add more to that or shorten it. As far as the ending goes, don't rush it. Come up with some creative ideas, and make sure it is even more powerful than the middle section which won't be easy. Take advantage of that piano part. Add a lot more to it.

Overall, there is a lot of good going on here, but there is a lot that needs to be done. Keep working on it.


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I really like what you've done with this source (one of my favorite LoZ tunes). Sort of calypso...

You've gotten plenty of suggestions thus far on production and harmony, but what struck me most about the mix was a sense of lacking as the piano kicks in near the end. Immediately, I thought a sax solo starting aroung 2:08 would be a great segue into the piano and could add to the sense of finality and resolve at the end. Of course, you may not want to take this avenue, but it felt to me that something interesting, diverging from the source, at about that point would spice up the mix.

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