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Super Metroid - Lower Brinstar


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Im a bit of a remixing noob so bear with me.

I've made a start on this remix of lower brinstar, but it's nowhere near finished. Seeing as it's my first go, i thought i'd get some feedback before i get too far ahead of myself.

I've only incorporated a few elements as of yet and i still want to add some percussion, but i have no clue what exactly i want at the moment.

Anyway, the main thing i want feedback on is the production. i personally like the sound of it, but i think i might be pushing it by having a lot of stuff happening at once and things maybe starting to lose clarity. As well as that, just general comments on how it sounds (even though it's only 1 minute 20 seconds so far) and if anyone thinks i'm going in the right or wrong direction

thanks in advance


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Not bad, not bad. I really enjoy how you did the intro (the first 50 seconds). It really sets the mood, and if you could incorporate that style throughout the piece, it would be awesome. The piano work is beautiful, I love it when people remix Metroid like that, it just sounds wonderful. I'm not too sure you even need the percussion, but I'd love to see how you'd do that.

Can't wait to see more.

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Yup, the intro is pretty, but the piano sounds out of tune or out of key. It also sounds muffled, and very dry - use reverb or delay. The pad is heavily phased and detuned, but that just makes it more atmospheric.

The track becomes less interesting once the main melody comes in, around :51. You've created a great soundscape, use it to your advantage there.

You could add rhythm, bass, something to drive the track a bit. I imagine a really low pad could fit the track well. Lose the bass first time you toss in the lead melody, see what else you can lose to really break up the track, it'll give the melody more of an impact.

Sounds promising. Good luck.

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Like you said, this piece has a way to go before it will be accepted, but it is definitely possible. The intro is quite enjoyable as it doesn't give in to the clichés that a lot of lower brinstar remixes use. (I'm working on one myself). Spakku mentioned about the Prime atmosphere, and it does sound really great. However, you've got a really great intro that is trying to become the entire song. To fix this, I recommend you add some industrial drums (kind of like what you here in prime 1 and 2) at 0:38. The motif that you have started really needs to end by then, imo. You can keep the instruments or replace them, but the form of the song really needs to start developing here in order for the song to hold attention. Maybe a sweet bass line or something. Just keep things moving in new directions. The piano part is a good idea, but I wouldn't add it until much later if I were you. After all, that's what Yamamoto did in Super Metroid.

Overall, this song has a sweet, fresh intro, but it doesn't have anything new after that.

Keep working on this. It definitely has potential.


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