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Hey, that FAQ is nice. :)

I was over at the tranceaddict boards, and someone new to Reason asked for a demonstration (when I pressed him further, he said "Punk"), so I whipped up a quicky "Punk"-ripoff demo file. :)

Link. Fear the lack of bandwith. :cry:

(if it doesn't work, wait an hour)

It's not an exact representation in any sense, but if you're new to Reason, it might help a bit. And if it sucks (it does), feel free to not let me know. :wink:

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NICE! You might wanna change the ratio of the compressor imo.

Can you replicate that rave synth you hear in "Prodigy - Smack My Bitch" up too? The one that starts at 0:21 in the 5:43 version of the song. I always wanted to use such a synth :).

ELSE I might give it a try myself...

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Can you replicate that rave synth you hear in "Prodigy - Smack My Bitch" up too? The one that starts at 0:21 in the 5:43 version of the song.

I don't have immediate access to that song right now (later tonight I will), but if it's the one I'm thinking of...sort of.

It's that wide, distorted bassline thingy, right? I've made stuff like that before. I've never tried that type of automation before, though.

Worth a shot, I guess.

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Ok, i had another incredibly bright idea to make an panning delay ;) (this one is better than my post on the first page of this thread, hehe).

This time i made a 2 steps delay that pans from left to right to left to right etc (NOT a 3 steps delay and a 4 steps delay combined, that would be the easy way out, hehe).

EDIT: download it here

Anyway, here we go:

- create a mixer as usual

- create a 3 delay unit underneath

- set the first delay to 2 steps and we'll name the delay "first left delay" and set the FEEDBACK button to 0

- set the second delay 4 steps and name it "left delay" and set the DRY/WET button to the middle.

- set the third delay to 4 steps and name it "right delay". Don't change anything else on this one.

Now press tab and we will connect the wires correctly to aux 1 of the mixer:

- disconnect all wires from the delays to the mixer (to avoid confusion)

- connect Aux Send Out 1 Left to "first delay left" left input

- connect Aux Send Out 1 Right to "right delay" left input

- connect Aux Return 1 Left to "left delay" left output

- connect Aux Return 1 Right to "right delay" left output

And finally the wires between the delays:

- connect "first left delay" left output to "left delay" left input

- connect "first left delay" right output to "left delay" right input

That's it! (I hope i didn't forget anything)

I was kinda surprised that it worked so good myself, hehe

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you need to make a sequencer track for the mixer so you can control it. Once you paint in the panning automation, you can actually group the automation and copy paste the pattern if you like. Will save a lot of painting if you're making a pattern.

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alright, mabye somebody can help me out here. I'm making an orchestral song in reason and the big problem i have is with key signature changes. the song starts out in 4/4, goes into a section where it alternates between somethign with 5 beats per measure and somethign with 6 beats permeasure. SGX recommened I do the part with 5 beats in a seperate rns file and then combine them later. originally I didn't want to do this, but as i progressed in the orchestation, it became necessary.

Basically what my question is, what's the easiest way to combine these two parts? i will have one rns file with the 4/4 beginning and the parts with 6 beats on it, and then another rns file with the 5 beat sections. Is there a way to move the content of one file over to the other while keeping the notation in the measures the same? or am i gonna have to export each individually and just combine the wav files?

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You can highlight, copy and paste all the stuff you did in the sequencer into the other reason file in one big group. Just make sure your sequencer's tracks are in the same order between the files and your racks are the same. The copy/paste function is a bit weird, so Reason may make all new sequencer tracks below where you were trying to paste them. Just highlight and drag the automation upward.

Though it sounds like you will need to be doing this a lot and it may get messy since your song keeps alternating different time sigs. You could also just compose while ignoring the gridlines' time sig divisions.

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Well if you copy sequencing from one file to another, the tempo will automatically change to what it is in the file you are copying into. So, you'll have to use time stretching to change the length of the notes to get that sequencing back to a similar tempo as before. (Select the sequencing you want to change, right click, change events, then enter in a time stretch value) This will work fine, but now any editing of that section will be kinda annoying since the grid divisions and snap-to of the project won't correspond to your stretched stuff.

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