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bLiNd and Jade are officially married!


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Hey congratulations guys! That's awesome!

Who caught the garter? You should hook him up with another OCR groupie, Jordan.

There's only about 3 females here who aren't remixers (and thus not groupies). Better move fast!

Seriously, you two are lucky. My wife couldn't really be considered my groupie. Not that playing at church really gets you groupies anyway, but still...

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Lifelong companion +1. What a gorgeous bride you are there, Jade.

Congrats you two. I think I read somewhere that you two will be at Magfest? Maybe?

Awww, thanks for the compliments! I'm not your average girly girl that loves diamond rings and puffy dresses... but for once when I tried on a dress like that, I felt luckier then Cinderella. :] David's Bridal has good selections.

And yes! Our honeymoon is actually MAGFEST. :-P Most girls pick a tropical island or something and I only requested to meet a lot of OC ReMixers and fans for mine. hahaha Jordan was pleased with that. :)

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