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Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

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    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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Just listened to Episode 5, pretty cool stuff. Adhesive_Boy's interview was pretty cool. And Larry mentioned me without telling me to shut up; I feel so special! :oops: Apparently he is going to play my requiem (for lack of a better term). Maybe I'll call in too, I've got a couple things to talk about, like the song Larry's gonna play, as well as what a couple things a couple people have said about Jamaican Soul. :?

Glad you were feeling the show, DCT. I'd definitely be down with you calling in and talking about the song "Paul" and your friendships with Paul Miller & Unishun. Sorry you couldn't be there for the show live, but I hope you're feeling a little bit better.

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(Check out the show archives on page 10 if you haven't done so already.)

I've got a few tracks decided upon for Saturday's show, but won't really look into anything else until tonight. I'm open to suggestions, preferably from remixers other than yourselves, in order to check some other stuff out and explore a few more people's works. Game soundtrack material is also very welcome, as long as you let me know where I can pick it up. BTW, is anybody else on Fall Break this weekend?

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Nah, that's ok :wink:

Oh alright. "Larry can you play 'Mounted Machine Gun Funk' by Beatdrop? I loooooooooooooove that song! :D:D:D:D"

There you go, BD.......but you owe me. :evil:

And hopefully I can still call in tomorrow night, so we can all hear DCT bitch and moan about his song.


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I'm gonna need some hookup on the Einhander stuff. Personally, I didn't remember any music from that game sticking out to me when my roommate played it last year, but I just watched the first 2 or 3 levels.

So far, I've got DCT, Star Salzman, Instant Remedy, Beatdrop, Aaron Ackerson, and the Wingless coming up. This is gonna be a nice, random show! I may have a friend in the studio for the second half, so we'll see how that turns out.

I felt like playing some random crap this morning, since I can't sleep for now, so I'm chillin' in the studio 'till 5 AM. I'm not doing the webcam, but I'll talk on the air or chat on AIM, if you're interested.


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I felt inclined to post the tracklist from VG Frequency #5.5: Late Night Snack. No MP3 archive, just lots of OC ReMixes, and 4 chatting insomniacs: Liontamer, DCT, SuperGreenX & FFmusic Dj. Even though I have the chat transcript, no one will ever truly know what transpired, but I'll give you a hint: SuperGreenX was drunk and easy...:P

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, October 11, 2003 - 3:45 - 6 AM EST

1. Jared Hudson w/Abraham McCalment - Final Fantasy 10 "The Final Summoning" [OC ReMix #1017]

2. Ubik - Final Fantasy 3 "The Dark World (Crystal Abyss Mix)" [OC ReMix #995]

3. Beatdrop - Chrono Trigger "Ruined Landscape" [OC ReMix #916]

4. Trance-Canada - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Ice Attack" [OC ReMix #759]

5. Star Salzman - Chrono Trigger "Temporal Distortion" [OC ReMix #789]

6. McVaffe - Super CastleVania IV "Castle Trance" [OC ReMix #387]

7. Goolancer - Super Mario World "Vanilla Extract" [OC ReMix #695]

8. JD Harding - Super Metroid "Darkstar" [OC ReMix #423]

9. DJ Pretzel - Galaxy Force 2 "Nominal" [OC ReMix #72.5 (removed)]

10. DCT - Super Street Fighter 2 "Jamaican Soul" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

11. SuperGreenX - "Multiple Worlds" [http://www.mp3.com/supergreenx]

12. Hitoshi Sakimoto & Masaharu Iwata - "Run Through the Plains" [Final Fantasy Tactics OST]

13. DarK PurPle - Super Mario Bros. 2 "The DarK Underground" [OC ReMix #558]

14. Ziwtra - Final Fantasy Adventure "Willed Assault" [OC ReMix #1012]

15. Joshua Morse - Final Fantasy 7 "Where Destiny Meets" [OC ReMix #994]

16. Rayza - Shinobi 3 "Whirlwind (Gale Force Mix)" [OC ReMix #949]

17. DJ Pretzel - Socket "Trip the Light Fantastic" [OC ReMix #939]

18. AE - MegaMan 2 - "Flash Fire" [OC ReMix #67]

19. DCT - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Welcome to Hydro City" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

20. FFmusic Dj - "End of Time" [string Machine]

21. Tomoya Ootani - "Puzzle Editor" [ChuChu Rocket! OSV]

22. Marc Star - Chrono Cross "CrossFire" [OC ReMix #917]

23. DJ Pretzel - Final Fantasy 9 "dubnofantasyaloneman" [OC ReMix #814]

24. DJ Seith - Sonic the Hedgehog "Water Warning (U Can't Breathe 2 This Revisit)" [OC ReMix #554]

25. DJ Pretzel - Donkey Kong Country "Diddy Evolution" [OC ReMix #399]

26. Gecko Yamori - Streets of Rage 2 "SID of Rage" [OC ReMix #664]

27. Midee w/Prozax & Jeremy Johnson - Axelay "Kick My Axe" [OC ReMix #717]

28. AE - MegaMan 2 "Soap And Water" [OC ReMix #375]

29. Dale North - Grandia "Nothern Beach" [OC ReMix #452]

30. McVaffe - Super Mario Bros. 2 "Underground Riddims" [OC ReMix #514]

31. The Dead Guys - Paperboy "Peaperboayh" [OC ReMix #12]

32. DJ Chako - MegaMan 8 "Frosty Delight" [OC ReMix #361]

33. Syusaku Uchiyama - "Frostman Theme" [MegaMan 8 OSV]

34. Chikusho Sound Team - MegaMan X "Airbased" [OC ReMix #525]

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VG Frequency #6 has come and gone. Thanks to everyone for the huge turnout. We're always looking to have more and more people come by the AIM chat ("VG Frequency") so please tell a friend to check the show out, keep an eye out next week for the chat and come in. What's the room limit anyway? 36? We can eventually get that, dammit!

Stuff I couldn't get to like analoq's BEER10 submission and EgM's new Ys ReMix will be coming up next week, and there'll be fresh stuff from SeattleOverCoat, DarkeSword & the Wingless as well. We'll also be doing another track from Final Fantasy: The Black Mages, courtesy of Ignis, as well as a Mario tribute track by Jellyfish, courtesy of KyleJCRB. Thanks to KyleJCRB & Beatdrop for this week's call-ins, and hopefully we'll be having DCT on the air next week as well. Thanks again this week to the Coop for providing us with tonight's AIM transcript at a highly suspicious 666K. Why do I have the feeling you people won't be proud to show your kids this stuff one day...? I'm taking suggestions on the subtitle of this week's show. Keep it clean, but keep it funny too.

Without further ado, here's the meaty tracklist:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, October 11, 2003 - 10:10 PM - 12:45 AM EST

1. Satoshi Ise - "Ending 2" [Capcom vs. SNK OST]

2. Rayza f/Liontamer - VG Frequency "Number One Host" Bumper

3. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Chrono Trigger" [Chrono Trigger OST]

4. Aaron Ackerson - Final Fantasy 4 "Chocobo (Strings and Winds)" [OC ReMix #1051 (removed)]

5. "Macho Man" Randy Savage - "Be a Man" [be a Man]

6. Blak Omen - VG Frequency "Best In Chinatown" Bumper

7. Nobuo Uematsu, Tsuyoshi Sekito & Kenichiro Fukui - Final Fantasy 2 "Battle, Scene II" [Final Fantasy: The Black Mages]

8. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Battle 1" [Chrono Trigger OST]

9. DCT - "Paul" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

10. Richard Jacques - "Rusty Ruin (Act 1)" [sonic 3D Blast OSV]

11. Richard Jacques - "Rusty Ruin (Act 2)" [sonic 3D Blast OSV]

12. Nobuo Uematsu - "Auron's Theme" [Final Fantasy X OST]

13. KyleJCRB calls in (after Larry reads from the morally subversive chat) and brings the show to a new level of "e-penis"-related debauchery; aside from various chat room insults, we also conversate about Jellyfish's "Ignorance is Bliss", BEER10, a plug for SuperGreenX & FFmusic Dj's Shining Force 3 mix "Force of Light", Kyle potentially becoming an OC ReMix judge, and the "lack of white judges" on the judges' panel (The Wingless: "Boo Whitey!") [http://kngi.tripod.com]

14. The Wingless - Super Metroid "One Girl in All the World" [OC ReMix #1048]

15. Matt Wilson - Sonic the Hedgehog "Green Hill Man" [Mega Man FM]

16. Beatdrop - Jackal "Mounted-Machine Gun Funk" [OC ReMix #677]

17. Junya Nakano - "Luca" [Final Fantasy X OST]

18. Beatdrop calls in to talk about his Jackal remix, his unawareness of The Wingless's brand new OCR judge status, his relative inactivity on the panel, other mixers who are qualified to join the judges' panel, KyleJCRB as a judge, SuperGreenX's approved ICO submission "Save Me", the impetus to actively judge, the fact that the majority of judges' panel submissions are denied, judge-hate threads on the OCR forums, the Star Fox & Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Ultimate Collaboration Projects, Operations, weird and annoying fans including one guy from Chile who he dumped onto K. Praslowicz, Kill Bill: Volume One, and VG Frequency's now legendary chat room abuse (DJ Flip Side: "Soapdrop") [http://rks.no-ip.com/~beatdrop]

19. Star Salzman - VG Frequency "Star Egotism" Bumper

20. Star Salzman - "Treatise" [http://www.starblast.org]

21. Nobuo Uematsu, Tsuyoshi Sekito & Kenichiro Fukui - Final Fantasy 6 "Dancing Mad" [Final Fantasy: The Black Mages]

22. SeattleOverCoat - VG Frequency "Hot Mansex" Bumper

23. SeattleOverCoat - Metroid I, Metroid II & Super Metroid "Evolution" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

24. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Corridors of Time" [Chrono Trigger OST]

25. Kenichiro Fukui - "Silence" [Einhänder OST]

26. Planet3 - "THIS is Why" [FeverDreamer]

27. DarkeSword - Super Mario 64 "Pearl Diver" [http://www.darkesword.com]

28. Kenichiro Fukui - "Bloody Battle" [Einhänder OST]

29. The Coop - Darius "Silverhawk Legacy" [http://www.geocities.com/arforfaborb]

30. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Black Dream" [Chrono Trigger OST]

31. Instant Remedy - Comic Bakery "Title Theme Mix" [instant Remedy v2]

32. Scarface VS Rayza - "Smile (Rude Boy Dettol Mix)" [http://www.rayza.net]

33. Protricity - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Savage Seduction" [OC ReMix #999]

34. Tomoya Ootani - "Single Player Theme" [ChuChu Rocket! OSV]

35. Satoshi Ise - "Name Entry" [Capcom vs. SNK OST]

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Even though I have the chat transcript, no one will ever truly know what transpired, but I'll give you a hint: SuperGreenX was drunk and easy...:P

Too bad the world may never know of DCT's and SuperGreenX's insightful discussions that morning....2 remixers pissed off at the establishment. :P


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You should play my BEERmix :wink: Shread some eardrums! :D

Seriously though, I look forward to listenin to a few shows, but my 56k doesn't see it that way :roll:

Definitely go ahead and try and peep the show, even if you're on 56K. There may be buffering issues, but people have managed to tune in before like that.

As for BEER10, we'll see if any entries are worth it... :)

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http://www.mp3.com/stations/vgfrequency (once again, for page 12)

Thanks, Dan. Yeah, I thought it'd be a good idea, and I was in a good position to do it, since I've tried to find out the homepages and MP3.com pages of pretty much every remixer on the site during my two years here. If you scroll down and check everything out, you'll see quite a few different names on there. I'm sure I've definitely overlooked a few people, whether it be because they're infrequent OCR contributors or have MP3.com pages under another handle, so please keep pointing stuff out for me.

I've already got your stuff on there Mike, although I have to go through the tedious process of listing everyone in alphabetical order, so everything's a little easier to find. I thought it would be a lot easier to organize than the way MP3.com sets it up. If you're feeling brave enough to weather the depravity and insanity of the VG Frequency chat room on AIM, definitely IM me on Saturday night and come see how it is if you're checking the show.

DJ Abjurator (who made the very popular Rockman & Forte "Hyperrock Fortissimo") was nice enough to PM his info, so hopefully, we'll have Galen come on the air for in interview sometime soon, not to mention check out the AIM chat.

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The RAR of episode #6 is up and available for download. The tracklist is on page 11, so check it out. I'll be looking around to see what's on deck for this Saturday, as well as checking in with a few people to see if they have their stuff ready. We do have analoq, Gorveg, DarkeSword, EgM, GrayLightning & Freemind already set, as well as requests for Jellyfish & FF: The Black Mages, and I'll see what else I'll pick tomorrow.

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There's an hour and change left until we're underway with OCR on the radio. "New" is the word of choice tonight. We've got fresh stuff from EgM, SeattleOverCoat, MC, Beatdrop, DarkeSword, Vigilante, GrayLightning & Freemind, analoq, and The Wingless.

Last week we had what amounts to controversy in our isolated video game remix community the removal of the FF4 Piano Collections mix from Aaron Ackerson, "Chocobo (Strings and Winds)". After playing that last week, this week Final Fantasy 4 leads us to the recently rejected remix by Kevin Stephens & Russell Cox, "Four Fantasies". Do Final Fantasy IV, pianos, and OverClocked ReMix seemingly not go together?

The Wingless wants to share two tracks that make him tick. Take a cryptic journey into the musical mind of the J. A. Burnett and don't forget to bring a sick bag as we let both Kalliope and the Big Tymers loose on an unsuspecting world. KyleJCRB pimps out a favorite track of his radio show, Nitro Game Injection, with Jellyfish's King Koopa inspired "Ignorance is Bliss". Ignis brings you the Final Fantasy V remix from FF: The Black Mages, "Clash on the Big Bridge". Also, Gorveg won't rest till your ears bleed with his Chrono Trigger/Zeal theme BEER10 submission "Should Dalton Take Power", while Eulogic wants to take you on "A Ride Through the Ghetto".

And DCT will be joining the show as our special guest to talk about his latest tracks, "Paul" which we had last week, and his DarkeSword inspired remix of 50 Cent's In Da Club, "In Da Club (Dark Sword Mix)", which will be featured tonight.

What else will happen? Who the hell knows? You think I plan this out? Join the madness tonight at 10 PM EST. The sig has the link. The details below have my AIM. Hang out with the listeners at the AIM chat "VG Frequency". See you there, unless you don't like fun...

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Great, my throat is killing me now after that damn interview. :cry:

You people want rhymes?

I keep coming back like an incurable rash

And smack you kids like rowdy children in mass

You really want it? Come and spit it to me next

Make you bite the curb like American History X

I'm so bright that if you could see what's on my mind right?

It makes you squint like you opened the fridge late at night

Boys wanna be men and so they try beefin' with lines

But face to face they silent like a meeting of mimes

Who told you could rhyme? Why do you even try?

Myself? I aint stopping till my watch is as blue as the sky

I been nice since 8-6 bringing Hip-Hop back to basics

Cuz my flow is out of this world like a UFO space ship

I walk through the desert in a North Face I can take the heat

You need beats to hype your rhymes, but my rhymes make the beat

I don't touch cats like a thug with 2 glocks on

I touch the masses more like a 2Pac poem

You're welcome.

-DCT...does NOT stand for the whitest name on the block.

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