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VG Frequency: U Love VGM


Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

    • Yes
    • [b][size=7]YES[/size][/b]
    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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Definitely don't want to forget to thank Red Omen for two dope new parody style bumpers. Nice work, Ryan!

To celebrate a job well done on my Philosophy of Law test before the Turkey day break, I'm doing a show before Thanksgiving and chilling around in the studio. I'll be playing random VGM stuffs, so check it out.

The VGMix VG Frequency thread is a lot smaller right now, so you can check the first post on it for all the details you need if you're new. Here's the advance playlist:

1. Jared Hudson - VG Frequency "Break Loose" Bumper

2. Satoshi Ise - "Player Select 1" [Capcom vs. SNK 1 OST]

3. Satoshi Ise - "Stimulation" [Capcom vs. SNK 2 OSV]

4. Star Salzman - VG Frequency "WMRE Jingle" Bumper

5. K. Praslowicz - "City Of Dust" [Null Era]

6. Masato Nakamura - "Star Light Zone" [sonic The Hedgehog 1 OST]

7. Kenta Negata - "Koopa Troopa Beach" [Mario Kart 64 OST]

8. SuperGreenX - Ecco 2: Tides of Time "Drift" [OC ReMix #1013]

9. Nobuo Uematsu - "Fanfare" [Final Fantasy VII OST]

10. Beatdrop - VG Frequency "Lose His Mind" Bumper

11. Akitaka Tohyama, Yu Miyake, Nobuyoshi San, Keiichi Okabe & Rio Hamamoto - "Xiaoyu Stage BGM" [Tekken Tag Tournament OST]

12. Adhesive Boy - Treasure Hunter G "Linoleum Stalactites" [OC ReMix #1003]

13. Injury - Super Mario Bros. 1 "8-Bit Eighties" [OC ReMix #428]

14. GrayLightning - Phantasy Star 2 "Dezoris Winter" [OC ReMix #1065]

15. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World" [Chrono Cross OST]

16. Maniac #9 - Stunt Race FX "10K CC" [ironMix Challenge VIII: Ask Mr. Owl]

17. Rayza - VG Frequency "Bee Gees' Frequency" Bumper

18. B1itz Lunar - Super Mario World "Donut Grooves" [VGMix2 #321]

19. Wintermute - Final Fantasy 7 "Jenova Rose" [ironMix Challenge X: The Big One (Unmoderated)]

20. Protricity - Final Fantasy 6 "Enchanted Esper" [OC ReMix #744]

21. Tomoya Ootani - "Please Wait" [ChuChu Rocket! OSV]

22. Joshua Morse - Final Fantasy 7 "Where Destiny Meets" [OC ReMix #994]

23. Ben Cousins - Super Mario Kart "Donut Plains Aspen Colorado" [http://www.mp3.com/bencousins]

24. McVaffe - CastleVania Adventure "CV2K" [OC ReMix #230]

25. The Minibosses - Punch-Out!! "RISC Punch-Out" [http://www.minibosses.com]

26. SgtRama - VG Frequency "Eat A Bumper" Bumper

27. Yoko Shimomura - "Barrel Volcano" [super Mario RPG OST]

28. Sine - Super Mario RPG "Seeking Heat" [OC ReMix #1027]

29. Koji Kondo - "Underground BGM " [super Mario World 2 OSV]

30. mv - Super Mario World "You Suck at Super Mario Bros. 4!" [VGMix2 #364]

31. Scott Peeples - Command & Conquer "On the Prowl Redux" [OC ReMix #417]

32. McVaffe - "Snowstorm" [Last of the Alamatra Knights OSV]

33. T."Anie".N, Yuk, Krsk, V-Tomozoh, Kan, Apple Z, More Rich, Narinari & Ippo - "Freezeman Theme" [Mega Man VII OSV]

34. OverCoat - VG Frequency "Hot Mansex" Bumper

35. OverCoat - "Gainsay" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

36. Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto, Yuko Kadota, Kuru-Kuru Chance Iwami & Naoshi Mizuta - "Charlie Stage" [street Fighter Zero 1 OSV]

37. SuperPope - Metroid "Kraid" [ultracheesy]

38. Disco Dan - "Daily Grind " [http://www.jonx.net/~discodan]

39. Richard Jacques - "Rusty Ruin (Act 2)" [sonic 3D Blast OSV]

40. Satoshi Ise - "Player Select 2" [Capcom vs. SNK 1 OSV]

41. Hitoshi Sakimoto & Masaharu Iwata - "Game Over" [Final Fantasy Tactics OST]

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The Saturday after next will be the last show.


*drops to knees*


For how long?

In Larry O.G. voice:

I've done far worse than kill you, Portent... I've hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me... as you left her. Marooned in the center of a dead planet for all eternity. Buried alive... BURIED ALIVE.

Now, in Wingless' sexy-ass voice:


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If it's not too late to get in requests, I wanna request either/or:

BT - Kimosabe


Crystal Method - Born to Slow

They're in Need for Speed Underground and they're both SO awesome. In fact, almost all the songs are awesome...except...the 2 Need for Speed specific songs (Petey Pablo - Need for Speed & Mystikal - Some other crap), they're both kinda meh.

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Can I make a request if it's not too late?

I know I missed the last couple shows (don't ya love big class assignments that take over your life for days on end?), but I'll be there for the final one. I refuse to miss it.

If there's still room somewhere in the show, could you give this MP3 a spin?


Yeah, that same song is here on OCR too, but the VGMix one is louder, cleaner and a bit more refined EQ wise. If you got the space in the show, cool and thanks.

What? Someone's gotta pimp my remixes ;)

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Tonight's the final show of VG Frequency; lots of bueno stuff is gonna be on the air, so if you haven't checked out the show before, be sure to go out of your way for the last one.

We've got a heaping of some of the more recent OC ReMixes with Ghetto Lee Lewis, Spinning Images, DarkeSword, aluminum & Beatdrop.

VGMix is heavily represented tonight with tons of tracks from zyko, Unknown, bLiNd, Dhsu, The Coop, JigginJonT, Blak Omen, OverCoat, Destiny, Midee & Prozax.

SgtRama hooks us up with a Need For Speed: Underground request: "Kimosabe" by bt.

Rayza & OverCoat provide 2 new bumpers. As we come to the end of the year and look forward to 2004, Rayza offers his reflections on the year 2003.

Along with other fresh new mixes available from DarkeSword & OverCoat, there's a heaping of originals with NoppZ, analoq, Juverna, SuperGreenX & Cool Ethan (f/JigginJonT).

VG Frequency: "Be there and be Square"

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yeah, I'd like to show my appreciation of Larry for putting on a great series of shows over the semester. I'd also like to wish him luck in his endeavors to make it back to Emory next semester.

God speed bro.


Yeah I hope he makes it back to Emory too; he and I are in the same position. I wish I could have heard the show though. =(

Just imagine how it's gonna be when Larry Oji and DCT hang out in fabulous Connecticut and discuss pro wrestling, video game music, and all the other stuff that focused young black men enjoy.


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Thanks again to Shadow for the OGG mirror he provided tonight, as well as The Coop for our chat transcript. Species recording may be pretty iffy, since RealPlayer was messing up for more than a handful of people for some reason. Not a big deal though. I'm really appreciative that he's been recording the shows. Look for MP3 archives for shows 10-13 when I have time to get them from him. Like I was saying in the chat and on the air, I may be able to do a fill-in show on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday as a free-form wrapup show with random mixes being played and a focus done on call-ins so we can chill around. No promises though, since I don't know if anyone else will be giving up their time, plus it's getting to be time for finals.

For all intents and purposes though, VG Frequency is wrapped up. Thanks a lot for all the feedback and "No, don't be over" comments. [smiley face] I'll be doing a nice lil' sentimental post sometime later, and I'll be letting you know the show's status for next semester as soon as I can, which'll be a couple of weeks. Here's tonight's playlist, and thanks again everyone for tuning in:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, December 6, 2003 - 10:15 PM - 12:05 AM EST

1. Jared Hudson - VG Frequency "Break Loose" Bumper

2. NoppZ - "Midnight Samba" [http://www.stationmp3.com/noppz]

3. Juverna - "Blackberry" [http://members.dsl-only.net/~bullard/candy]

4. DarkeSword - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker "Ancient Hero" [VGMix2 #453/OC ReMix #1079]

5. DarkeSword - Chrono Trigger "The Beautiful Traveller (Starlight Mix)" [http://www.darkesword.com]

6. Masato Nakamura - "Casino Night Zone (2-Player)" [sonic the Hedgehog 2 OSV]

7. zyko - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Pokerface" [VGMix2 #523]

8. JigginJonT - VG Frequency "Be As One" Bumper

9. JigginJonT - F-Zero 1 "Silent Progression" [VGMix2 #492]

10. Cool Ethan - "Ode To the Guy Who Stole My Wallet" [http://pixelated.myrmid.com/users/jigginjont]

11. bLiNd - StarFox "Space Cowboys" [starFox Ultimate Collaboration Project/VGMix2 #525/OC ReMix #1083]

12. shadow - "Badger Freaq" [http://www.dackz.net]

13. Nobuo Uematsu - "Dancing Mad (Part 2)" [Final Fantasy VI OST]

14. Dhsu - Final Fantasy 6 "Dance of Madness (con fuoco)" [VGMix2 #420]

15. Dhsu - Final Fantasy 6 "Dance of Madness (marcato)" [VGMix2 #504]

16. The Coop - Phantasy Star 4 "Wounds of the Past v2" [VGMix2 #459]

17. Midee w/Prozax & Jeremy Johnson - Axelay "Kick My Axe (Remastered)" [VGMix2 #95]

18. Hiroki Kikuta - "Angel's Fear" [seiken Densetsu 3 OSV]

19. OverCoat - VG Frequency "Sucka DJ" Bumper

20. OverCoat - Seiken Densetsu 3 "Angels Dear" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

21. SgtRama - VG Frequency "Eat A Bumper" Bumper

22. BT w/Wildchild - "Kimosabe" [Need For Speed: Underground OSV]

23. SuperGreenX - "Unsteady Unsure" [http://www.supergreenx.com]

24. Ghetto Lee Lewis - Tales of Phantasia "Emotions Lost in Time" [ironMix Challenge XIV: Do Not Forget Your Sword/OC ReMix #1076]

25. Nobuo Uematsu - "Fanfare" [Final Fantasy VII OST]

26. aluminum - Final Fantasy 7 "Climhazzard Rush" [OC ReMix #1078]

27. Beatdrop - VG Frequency "Lose His Mind" Bumper

28. Beatdrop - Raiden "Thunderous Dawn" [OC ReMix #1082]

29. analoq - "Music 910C Final" [Musique Teknology]

30. Syusaku Uchiyama - "Frostman Theme" [Mega Man 8 OSV]

31. Liontamer - "Blak Omen Is My Bitch Project PSA" [Blak Omen Is My Bitch Project]

32. Blak Omen - VG Frequency "Best In Chinatown" Bumper

33. Blak Omen - Chrono Trigger "Evil Refactory (Alternate Take)" WIP [VGMix2 #129]

34. Rayza - VG Frequency "Christmas Time 2003" Bumper

35. Unknown - The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time "Artifact of Power, Movement One - A Storm in the Desert" [VGMix2 #455]

36. Hiroki Kikuta - "Delicate Affection" [seiken Densetsu 3 OSV]

37. Destiny - Seiken Densetsu 3 "This Heart" [VGMix2 #501]

38. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Earth Dragon's Island" [Chrono Cross OST]

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I'm doing a special finale wrap-up episode of VG Frequency tonight from 10 PM to 12 AM EST, so I'm looking for as many people to be here as possible, as long as it's not getting in the way of finals or whatever else you have going on. The show will have a couple of fresh tracks and some other stuff, but will hopefully be based on call-ins. If you can call in and shoot the shit on the air for a few minutes, I'll be glad to have you on. The number for WMRE is (404) 727-9673. I'm hoping to have as many people as possible call in for a few minutes. Even if you can't make it tonight, thanks for your support throughout the semester, and again, I'll have some final thoughts about the show to post when I have some free time during finals. Hopefully, I'll see you around tonight.

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I can't believe the show got cut out during my interview!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x:x:x:x:x

I think it must have been some kind of conspiracy. Ah well, congratulations on having such a great run with your show, and I'm glad to have been able to contribute music to it.


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