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VG Frequency: U Love VGM

Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

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    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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Yo, this sounds kinda cool. I want to chack it out, so i need real player and then download the thingy from your sig. Then what?

You can find RealAlternative here:





In RealAlternative; File|Open File...

Copy and paste the following link.



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Yo yo, peoples. After eating some delicious sushi like a gaijin American pig-dog and drinking some el33t Goya peach nectar (oh, that shit is GOOD), it's time to run down what we played tonight. I gotta thank Species for tonight's show recording, assuming everything went down alright, since he did have to go to sleep while it was recording.

Thanks to SgtRama for the brand new bumper, which I luckily saw just before I left for the studio. I was able to get that into tonight's show for the INSTANT GRATIFICATION, so thanks again to Doug for the hookup. We certainly have a great amount of bumpers for the show, and I will host them all at some point. We're at 17 bumpers. Maybe the magic number is 20. :wink:

Thanks to all the new people who came by to check out the show today on this special weekday edition of the show. A lot of them, including Carbunk1e, were from AnimeRemix, or they were Suzumebachi's friends, and it's good to have fresh faces checking it out. Over the course of the night, we must have had around 35 different people in and out of the chat, so it was really productive, despite the late time. Check out what everyone was yakkin' about with the VG Frequency AIM chat transcript.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves and the show, and I hope many of you can turn out for next Saturday's show, which will be the last before Thanksgiving. No show during the holiday. I'm eating turkey. The playlist below isn't quite turkey, but it's certainly satisfying nonetheless:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 12:10 - 2:05 AM EST

1. Jared Hudson - VG Frequency "Break Loose" Bumper

2. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Viper Manor" [Chrono Cross OST]

3. SuperGreenX - Unnamed WIP (a.k.a. "Big Bonar Song"/"H0tness In Your Mouf") [http://www.mp3.com/supergreenx]

4. Star Salzman - VG Frequency "Star Egotism" Bumper

5. L Spiro - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Konkluded Epik" [VGMix2 #338]

6. Jared Hudson - "G.H.O.S.T. Ops Theme" [G.H.O.S.T. Ops OST]

7. MC & Blak Omen - Final Fantasy 9 "Hunter's Etude-Scherzo" [http://www.sectionz.com/artist.asp?SZID=6361]

8. Nobuo Uematsu - "Costa Del Sol" [Final Fantasy VII OST]

9. Jaroban - "Shades of Change" [http://bantaj.flatirons.org]

10. Rakin & Ponzer - "Sue Your Boss" [Grand Theft Auto 3: Chatterbox OSV]

11. Koda Kumi - "real Emotion" [Final Fantasy X-2: real Emotion/1000 Words]

12. OverCoat - VG Frequency "Hot Mansex" Bumper

13. OverCoat - "Training Diapers" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

14. Nobuo Uematsu - "You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet" [Final Fantasy VII OST]

15. D12 f/DCT - Super Mario Bros. 1 "Fight Music (Bowser Mix)" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

16. Unknown - StarFox "Ancient Legends" [ironMix Challenge XVII: "Fox, I'm Creeped Out. Over."/VGMix2 #288]

17. SgtRama - VG Frequency "Eat a Bumper" Bumper

18. Israfel - Chrono Trigger "Lesser Kerubic Patchwork" [VGMix1/http://www.sablewings.com]

19. Nobuo Uematsu - "Julia" [Final Fantasy VIII OST]

20. Rayza - VG Frequency "Bee Gees' Frequency" Bumper

21. Gux - Bionic Commando "Going Commando" [VGMix2 #289]

22. Cabbageboy - "Donkey Kong" [Genetically Modified]

23. Fernando - "Fernando's New Beginnings" [Grand Theft Auto 3: Chatterbox OSV]

24. Ailsean - Final Fantasy 1 "Subaqueous Angels of Chaos" [VGMix2 #91]

25. Nobuo Uematsu - "Breezy" [Final Fantasy VIII OST]

26. JigginJonT - VG Frequency "Be As One" Bumper

27. Jayson Litrio - Mega Man 2 "Dr. Wily's Wedding" [OC ReMix #1025]

28. The Black Lodge - "Summer '99" [http://www.mp3.com/theblacklodge]

29. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Frozen Flame" [Chrono Cross OST]

30. Wave Theory - "Breakbeat Demo Mix" [http://www.planetskill.com]

31. Satoshi Ise - "Menu Display 2" [Capcom vs. SNK 1 OST]

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Dammit. Missed anoterh show! I'll be there this Sunday I will I will I will

You better be, Henry! [mean face] Hahaha. But yeah, try and be there if you can. Considering I've been focusing extra attention on my classes, I haven't been around all week, so I haven't laid out too many things for tomorrow night. I'll be working on getting everything ready, but for now, I'll quickly point out what I'm planning to go with so far.

1. FFmusicDJ will be this week's interview, so check him out on the air addressing a host of topics and also see what Haroon's got cooking, including his latest remix of original music, Delerium f/Sarah McLachlan - "Silence (Hap Club Mix)".

2. Just to play it properly after last week's metaphorical burp, I'll be playing the dope original track once again from The Black Lodge, "Summer '99".

3. Considering OverCoat's disdain for Nobuo Uematsu, he's nonetheless got an interesting take on a Final Fantasy 6 track, and it's not one of the over-remixed ones either. Check out "The People of the Ruined World".

4. Destiny's recent Chrono Cross collab with zyko "Dragon's Prayer: The Blackened Desire" is her first remix available on VGMix2...

5. ...We'll be checking that out, as well as the revised version of Helen's original vocal track "Fly (Your Heart Is Young)".

6. For those of you who enjoyed Shariq calling in last Saturday, DarkeSword will allow us to check out an original Shakesperian theatrical piece that also happens to be his first-ever paid composition (*cough* $5).

7. Courtesy of JigginJonT's request, Pixelated serves up some somber, explicit Zelda 2 prose-style action with "Crying Alone in the Darkness".

8. It's not an easy task to get a remix of yours into the Stuff of Legends on VGMix. Only 2 have managed to get there and STAY there. kLuTz has managed to do just that, and we'll be taking a listen to his new Final Fantasy 1 town theme remix "Simple Joys".

It's all good. Was there ever any doubt? Be sure to check everything out Saturday night, 10 PM - 12 AM EST. The link's in my sig.

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I guess as a request, but mayby not for tonights show. I havent found it on a site yet, so i dont know who the remixer is. But I found it on Kazaa, as "End of Time Jazz" from chrono trigger. Its a cool song sdo you should check it out.

Also will the chat room be the same name as before? Remember last week when aol was being gay and i kept getting booted from the room. So if that happend agine tonight i just wanted to make sure I could get myself back in instead of being a hassle to everyone.

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I won't play a song unless I have the proper artist, title, album & copyright info for it, because I don't want to ever miscredit anything. It's also station policy to have all that information available. If someone managed to find out the relevant info for it, I could play it.

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Yeah, your talkin about the right one. That song rules, and not too many people have heard it.

One day i was on napster (over four years ago) and i typed in "videogame jazz" and got a list. End of time jazz was on it. So was darkworld jazz (by gux) but it said DJ pretzel, and thats how i stumbled upon the oc remix. And sence then i've been loyal to this site. hmmm its gone through about 5 different remodels sence then. I remember a golden background that lasted about two days.

I just added that story because i felt i had to type more.

Yeah i've never found who the artist was, but i'll look.

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...dang it, I'm not sure if there's like this great evil force that doesn't like me listening to yer show or something but GAH. Why oh why did the job interview for a job I didn't even want which my mum forced me to go to have to be at the same time as VGFrequency and be so far away as to take up like my entire evening?!?!


:( And I thought I'd be free since I'm on holiday.

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Thanks to everyone who tuned in this week, although it felt like a diaster for me, since 1) the internet was the most difficult it had ever been on the station computer and I kept getting booted from AIM and 2) someone messed up the soundboard at the studio earlier in the week and made everything ridiculously difficult, including the levels for the FFmusic Dj interview. Species' archive for this show won't be out for a long time, since the levels were all over the place, but next year sounds like a good timeframe for it. :P

Thanks to Haroon Piracha for a LONG :!:, but very insightful interview on a hell of a lot of topics. The gist of the interview focuses on the fact that Haroon has come a long way from both a singular focus on remixing Final Fantasy and a singular focus on trance music. The tracks I played during Haroon's interview probably didn't even register thanks to problems with the phone. I may do a quick show on Tuesday or Wednesday to showcase those properly. Find out what you can about FFmusic Dj's original game work to listen to the broader extent of his work.

The chat transcript is here. Check the root directory for a few of Destiny's 2003 tracks, for those of you who really enjoyed "Fly (Your Heart Is Young)". The playlist is below (and I know StationMP3's been dead). No show next week, cuz it's Thanksgiving here in the States...

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 10:10 PM - 12 AM EST

1. Rayza f/Liontamer - VG Frequency "Number One Host" Bumper

2. Satoshi Ise - "Player Select 1" [Capcom vs. SNK 1 OSV]

3. The Black Lodge - "Summer '99" [http://www.mp3.com/theblacklodge]

4. Nobuo Uematsu - "Walls of the Sacred Beasts" [Final Fantasy IX OST]

5. Rayagon - Hitman: Codename 47 "Chained to a Barcode" [OC ReMix #1075]

6. Red Omen - VG Frequency "Brings Us Together" Bumper

7. OverCoat - Final Fantasy 6 "The People of the Ruined World" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

8. Delerium & Sarah McLachlan f/FFmusic Dj - "Silence (Hap Club Mix)" [http://www.ffmusic.net]

9. FFmusic Dj - Final Fantasy 7 "Otanjoubi Cid" [OC ReMix #833]

10. FFmusic Dj gives an interview to talk about everything under the sun [http://www.ffmusic.net]

11. FFmusic Dj - "Level 1" [The Omega Initiative OST]

12. FFmusic Dj - Final Fantasy 10 "Trance to Zanarkand" [string Machine]

13. FFmusic Dj - "Winter's Wake" [Vector Mirage OST]

14. FFmusic Dj - "In Cold Pursuit" [Vector Mirage OST]

15. FFmusic Dj - "Level 2" [The Omega Initiative OST]

16. Pixelated - Legend of Zelda 2 "Crying Alone in the Darkness" [VGMix2 #411]

17. Red Omen - VG Frequency "Friendly Suggestion" Bumper

18. The Wingless - StarFox "The Obsidian Ocean" [starFox Ultimate Collaboration Project/VGMix2 #424]

19. DarkeSword - "Tempest - Act II, Scene II" [http://www.darkesword.com]

20. kLuTz - Final Fantasy 1 "Simple Joys" [VGMix2 #365]

21. Nobuo Uematsu - Black Mage's Village [Final Fantasy IX OST]

22. Rayza - VG Frequency "Sonic Retard" Bumper

23. Shael Riley - Legend of Zelda 1 "Zelda: The Music of My Groin (2003 Mobgoblin ReMix)" [http://lobachevsky.homelinux.net/~sriley]

24. Destiny & zyko - Chrono Cross "Dragon's Prayer: The Blackened Desire" [VGMix2 #361]

25. Destiny - "Fly (Your Heart Is Young) Version 2" [http://www.destiny-hikari.net]

26. NoppZ - Final Fantasy 6 "Funky Terra" [http://www.stationmp3.com/noppz]

27. Satoshi Ise - "Player Select 2" [Capcom vs. SNK 1 OSV]

28. Satoshi Ise - "Game Over" [Capcom vs. SNK 1 OSV]

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