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Collab for Chrono Trigger


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Okay before I post the WIP that is Wayfarer's Hymn I'd like to run it by a few people here and get it up on Newgrounds so I actually have a link to give you guys.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't have alot to work with on this end. Finale and a Newgrounds account. That's about it so I'm kinda looking for a good re-mixer/re-masterer that can take my work to the next level.

The primary song isn't a song at all, it is the three chord organ progression that plays whenever Chrono uses an organ.

This song is known as Traveler's Prayer of the Prayer for the Wayfarer for those of you with the DS version.

It uses Wind Scene or Yearnings of the Wind for those of you DS-ers again in a minor way but most of it is quite orignal stemming from Prayer for the Wayfarer hence the name, Wayfarer's Hymn.

Constructive critisim is appreciated but I'm painfully limited. Critic on midi sound and equalizer issues are things I can't control though I wish I could.

Anyone, and I mean anyone with a flair for Organ/Orchestral re-mastering that would like to elevate me to a higher level of musical achievement would be much appreciated so first.

Who's interested given the description.

The WIP is about one day away from being finished or atleast presentable.

Help a guy out.

Thanks in advance.

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Nice work expanding three chords worth of material. =) I like it, very emotional, very yearning. The wind scene theme feels a bit tacked on, spoiling the mood. It's not a bad idea to fit it in there, but I think you could modify the melody to fit this particular piece better, while it still would evoke the wind scene theme.


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Thanks for the honest review. I was just amazed that the two worked together and tried to fit it in. If it really takes away then I will consider some reworking. Still looking for someone that can help with the quality though. lol. Finale's all I got and it's pretty limited. Really nervous about sending this to the judges.

Thanks again though.

And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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i like this a lot - very emotional and uplifting - i would take the suggestion to work in wind scene a little more carefully - with little motifs in before the full melody comes in maybe - go with whatever feels right

the instruments could def get help in a daw with some tweaking and better sounding instruments - the violin is probably the weakest - but you do a great job with what you have

my biggest grip is the ending in that it feels very unfulfilled which can be alright but it doesn't really seem focused either

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Organ needs to be fatter. The way it is in the intro could work in the middle of a track with a lot of other instruments, but as a solo instrument it's not fat enough. Reverb and boosted low frequencies might help you there, but I'd go as far as to try putting a faint Overdrive on it (before any reverb). Can't promise it's a good idea, tho.

Flute works, but should be louder. Low strings sound fine. Violin is a little buried under the organ, needs to cut through better. an EQ cut to the organ in the range the violin occupies would work. Not sure the violin sounds very good, it's got a little too much vibrato for my tastes, and the track would definitely benefit from having with better violin samples.

Drums need to be stronger, choir and organ need to be more balanced, the organ is too loud where the choir comes in. Choir is also too panned when it's solo.

I think the ending could work if you'd get the choir more powerful. More velocity work, more voices, more volume, more reverb on it.

Source is there, I think this is in the green as far as source usage is concerned.

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Okay so using some other side programs on my friends computers and keyboards and what now I've been toying with some new progressions. The problem, integrating them with the melodies and counter-melodies. Gonna get a new laptop soon and when I do I'm thinking of grabbing Logic or Reason to help master things. Might still invest in FL Studio just to start doing some more techno based genre but we will see.

So, till then I'm still game for anyone that thinks they can help push this piece to OC Remix potential.

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