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What is this song?

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This is seriously killing me, I stubled upon this song a while back (when I thought there was nothing to life other then that damned stumble button, I'm better now.) but I haven't ever found out the NAME of the song, or WHERE it came from.

Anyone else heard this song? I love it all the same, but I'd like to at least leave kudos to the guy who made it.

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funny thing is, I never really thought of it as a "western" so much as "gangster," though, that could have just been me. It seemed more dark, back ally, privet eye sort of deal... (And when I think western, I think towns in the middle of deserts with saloons and stuff... and cowboys, I guess)...

Italy, though, makes sense for the title... ehn, whatever, still a cool song... and i'm liking what else they have too :).

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