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^Ha... hahahahahaha.

Liontamer, there is another broken link: the picture for Akumajo Dracula. Here's the current pic (broken at the time of this post):


If it's not copyrighted, you could probably create a nice pic from the box art here.

Also, this game should should be called Castlevania X68000 (or Akumajo Dracula X68000), not Akumajo Dracula. Akumajo Dracula is the original Japanese title to Castlevania (1), and it was used again as the Japanese title for this game (which was a Japan-only remake on the Sharp X68000 PC). Two different games; same title. However, the use of 'X68000' has precedent... this game was remade on the PS1 as Castlevania Chronicles; the Japanese title was 'Castlevania Chronicles: Akumajo Dracula X680000' (explained here; seach for 'Japanese/European Differences'). So even though 'X680000' wasn't used originally, it was used later as clarification. This works because the clarification was in reference to the game for the Sharp X68000 PC, not the PS1 remake.

I think this clarification is warranted here, especially if OCR aims to draw in Japanese gamers/musicians without confusing them. When a Japanese gamer reads Akumajo Dracula, he/she will probably assume it's our Castlevania (1), and that's not the game we're talking about here. No sense making someone figure out wth we're talking about when we can just add X68000 and avoid all that.

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