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  1. Any heads up on when lyrics will be posted for all songs? I think only Forever, Young Rachel has them built into the music file itself. Also: Return is an incredible song.
  2. So I heard Galvantula is the best thing to ever grace the minds of Game Freak. Discussion closed. I also have run into the interesting problem of my SS copy being unrecognized as a pokemon game and unable to transfer any pokemon to Black. 8( at my 31speed IV 29specA IV Mismagius. And Tables, just head over to the sports domes and fight the first trainer in there for around 10k every day, or just walk into tall grass if you're scared/running nuzlocke. I for one found facing pokemon 20 lvl's above my team a challange, especially the rotation and triple battles.
  3. Man Steel the Wind should've won this whole thing. Song is dope as all hell. Slothrazor was pretty garbage though.
  4. This is amazing, made doubly so because I read entries aloud in my best Snake voice.
  5. I love it with power! I'm playing this at my grad party at my cabin, when we're all going to be chilling on the docks.
  6. Sounds like something that would be playing as Bond skirts by the explosions raging around him and start to chase the Bad Guy
  7. Because DKC2 was the superior game. Seriously though, this one takes me back. Great mix! {I forget if this was the waterfall levels or the snow levels D8}
  8. Excellent. Nice to see the community giving back turning into more giving back. Its like a cycle of awesome.
  9. Can't believe no one has requested this before. If anyone decides to take a crack at it, no lyrics, any genre but hip-hop/ambiance. And, by the way, this site rocks.
  10. I agree heartily with this request. DoR has a truly rocking soundtrack.
  11. Could use a new imagefile. The Castlevania Adventure Saw its lack of pixely goodness while browsing McVaffe's songs. I apologize if this has been addressed before.
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