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Secret of Mana - I Won't Forget ReMix


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I've only got done the buildup part, later on, this becomes a fast-paced techno song. Anyways, I wanted to know if this needs something else, I feel it's missing something, even though it's supposed to be quiet in the beginning. Should I add some percussion? Something else? Leave it as is?


EDIT: This is a WIP, sorry if I confused you!

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you could do the standard options

volume fade in anything..

placing in drums one at a time, like first kick > hat > snare, or whatever order/istrument. layering, i think, is the term.

you could start the layering after a rep or so of that piano melody playing. or maybe somewhere in the middle?

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There's nothing really wrong with the opening, though the piano sound is a little harsh by itself, I think it'll cut nicely when it's in a mix.

If you are saying that what you have is the buildup, and that you are going into a techno beat right after that, then it can work. You probably would want to do a synth/cymbal crescendo and then just drop the beat on us. That would give the most contrast to the opening while still getting to the techno in a legit (although common) way.

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