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Sarah's Song (not Saria's Song from Zelda :p)


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You might find this amusing, hunz wrote a song called "Sarah's Song" and it's been one of my favourites for years:


[free music!]

15 eh? I wasn't actually expecting piano music with all the volcom shit everywhere, to be honest, but this is actually pretty decent. It's hard for me to comment on piano songs, because you play better than me, but that's not saying much, haha. I listened to the rest and you have the potential to be a pretty great orchestrator if you keep at it! There's a few great orchestral composers on this site so I would share my music with them if I were you. I'm not going to name them though because they'll be like "damn it overcoat stop sending people to me for orchestration advice"

good lord I am typing on and on

Anyway good stuff, only beef I have is that while it's nice it's kind of been done to death and not memorable at all, though I'm sure Sarah likes it.

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...and so is this. It's pleasant. I'm sure your girlfriend appreciates it! I didn't expect the strings, and in this particular case, it detracted from the piano slightly (your other music has pretty good accompaniment, though).

On a piano, you should play around with your dynamics... it's why we call it a 'piano', after all... it's one of the few things a piano can do that no other instrument can do quite as well.

The left hand has something I like to call 'The Lazy Hand Syndrome' (like the name?). It plays harmony and arpeggios, and that's it :(... Pretty, but sometimes I feel the left hand tends to get left out. I know the syndrome well, because if I improv on the piano, it tends to do the same thing...

Very nice; I'm sure with some experience you'll become a very good composer. I wish you the best!

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