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How Can I Get FL to detect my microphone?


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start > programs > accessories > entertainment > volume control

options > properties

hit the recording ratio, and select whatever input you're using. hit ok

select whatever input you're using, and put the volume up maybe 80%.

in flstudio, select an open insert, where it says 'IN' at the top of the mixer, choose one of the options (all my options detect sound, so choose whether or not you want mono or stereo (usually you want mono)).

if you speak or play something, it should run through fl. turn down the buffering if you don't want much/any latency.

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oh my... and now, when i use asio4all v2 or whatever, i see the bars moving meaning that its detecting my mic.. but no sounds!!! ahhh.. what the heck did i do!??!?

sorry.. haha i feel like im causing more problems

Make sure you don't have any other music applications (windows media player, youtube, ANYTHING utilizing sound) outside of FL Studio when you start asio4all. Also, make sure in your midi settings (F10) you don't have any midi ports currently enabled (set them to -, rather than a port number)

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Hello, i need some help. Ive literally been on the internet all day and been trying to figure this out on my own but no luck. I have a mic and a pair of headphones that im trying to use. No matter what i do it wont detect my mic. But when i plug my headphones into the mic. I can hear my self. But the music plays through my laptop -_-. When i plug my heaphones into the laptop. The music plays through the headphones but my mic is still undetected and my voice is being recorded through the laptop. If that makes sense. Can someone please help. Thanks

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