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Audiosurf Bank Cam Mode


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(lol at the end of the video for actually getting through it) This is an example of what the bank cam mode in Audiosurf is. You can activate it on any song. Right-click the song, go to properties, click on the Summary tab, and then find where it says Title (not the Album Title though). Add the extension [as-bankcam]. For example, SongTitle [as-bankcam] (with the space).

This'll really adding banking to songs that are really fast or intense. To the slower and more mellow type music, it actually can bank a lot, but it won't turn perpendicular to the original track (Barrel Roll (which is awesome) only banked on the build-ups, and after that, it was just the normal track - no, I haven't tried that many yet either).

... fyi, I don't know if this matters as I don't know others very well, but I am using Windows XP. Whether it impacts finding that "Title" to the song or not, I know not. Anyhow, it's fun to try it out... though I advise against playing on Bank Cam Mode too long (or else your neck may hurt too much from twisting to try to adjust to it all).

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Yeah well, that's the downside to this option. Gotta go through individual files and change the titles and yeah... it gets a little annoying. But it's still fun. I made a "Bank Cam Mode" folder, copied music files into there and added the [as-bankcam] extension.

On another note, I tried the Necrofantasia thing (that video) on Ninja Mono Ironmode, and yes, it does go at ridiculous angles that makes some lanes go offscreen. Also, I lost within thirty seconds cause I'm not too good at the game.

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Here are the rest of the options you can play with. Adding the bracketed commands as you would above.

[as-4lane] Play with 4 lanes

[as-monoonly] Mono characters required

[as-everybodymono] All characters have only 2 block colors

[as-lessgrey] Mono characters have less grey blocks

[as-allgrey] Mono all greys. Scores start at 1000 and go down with each hit.

[as-nogrey] Mono characters have no grey blocks

[as-monoptX] Base points for Mono characters (default 3)

[as-nostlth] Remove Stealth and cumulative hit bonuses

[as-swind] Sidewinder camera mode

[as-bankcam] Banking camera mode

[as-first] First-person camera mode

[as-caterp] Big strings of blocks instead of only solo blocks

[as-mszX] Minimimum match size (number for X)

[as-wbX] Percentage of white/black blocks

[as-mtX] Match collection ticks (default 10-25)

[as-prowsX] Puzzle row count (0-8)

[as-hidepuz] Play with an invisible puzzle grid

It's not required, but to have a better chance of finding populated scoreboards for your custom modes follow the conventions set in the examples:

-Put spaces between the brackets.

-Keep your keywords in the order listed above. If you want to use both "[as-everybodymono]" and "[as-caterp]", make "[as-everybodymono]" the first one since it is higher up on the list.

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This looks like a lot of fun... And really hard.

I do believe I'll try it right now!

EDIT: Haha, this is much more fun than normal! I've only managed to pull off one barrel roll, though, which was in the beginning of Dragonforce's "Fury of the Storm." "Isosceles" by Marc Rizzo was pretty fun, too. Who's got some recommendations for really sickening tracks? :)

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Thank you Vimk a lot for finding that (I was looking for it but never managed to find it myself). Sidewinder, eh? Hmm... looks like I'll have to try some of that stuff out after school today.

And I don't know if you have this track or not, but the second track of the second disc of the Advent Children Soundtrack has a twist about one second in. Having bank cam on then makes it... very... confusing (first time I tried it, I died within 5 seconds because of how crazy it was; second time, I got past it and barely beat the blasted thing).

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(yay double post!)


(It's a free download offered by the artist's myspace page - http://www.myspace.com/djsynthr)

This song is frigin' hard by itself (I can beat it Mono Pro Ironmode, but Ninja Mono... only with Ironmode off). Then add a good ol bank cam to it, and it gets... I shortended it and I still got screwed over. Actually, 4lane on this is really really awesome. Combining those two however, makes it disturbingly hard.

... and if you want a super point challenge, add [as-4lane] [as-nogrey] [as-caterp] to see how many points you can rack up. Also, the fins don't work on 4lane, so you might as well Ironmode it to make it even harder to get everything (after 4 minutes, my score was over one million and I missed a heck of a lot of them).

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