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    wip Deku Nut House (Deku Nut's Palace MM)

    Just changing instruments is the fastest way to get a No, and I wouldn't suggest trying to do the bare minimum to get by the judges because that'll also lead to a fast no. What does get appreciated is added source material. It's okay to use the original song with different instruments, but it's really all about what is new that you can bring new to the table. Inverting Tower Temple for instance had a build-up into the intro, many parts in the song where instruments/synths were removed to build up again, and used the source tune more as a backdrop rather than a reliance on quality.
  2. Red Kinikacha

    Super Street Fighter IV

    I think you got Blazblue mixed up with King of Fighters. I don't recall Arksys saying they used anything except the concept art they were given.
  3. Red Kinikacha

    The Return of Bruce Wayne

  4. Red Kinikacha

    Heroes vs. Villains (OC ReMix vs. The Bad Dudes) - History

    I agree with this 100%. Which brings me to the point of why nobody has suggested [Mother 3] Lucas / Porky or Clause =( I really think there's way to much potential here.
  5. Red Kinikacha

    OCRA-0016 - Castlevania: Sonata of the Damned

    Vampire Hunter Theme is Ear-gasm inducing.
  6. Red Kinikacha

    KK Setlist - An Aborted Animal Crossing Project

    Album Art for Audiophiles like me who can't stand the generic Question Mark in their Media Players. I posted one on the Oneup fourms but then I messed with the lighting also. Samba Time! This project has some great mixers on it. 30 Minute Melody or Not, its great.
  7. Red Kinikacha

    Sony PSP

    Ironically, that's how it works out.
  8. Red Kinikacha

    Metroid Metal released a new track again

    I actually never heard them before. Heard alot about them. They're actually really good. thanks for the info
  9. yeah, but it could use a bit moar intro, but other than that, "Put the fork in" This is done
  10. Red Kinikacha

    Zelda: Dark World Experimentation

    I like it, but its more "Omph" Add some Build-up, Mess with the EP's, and don't be afraid to add some originality in.
  11. Red Kinikacha

    Chrono Trigger - Manoria Cathedral ReMix

    I heard this, and I gotta keep this alive. Jammin tune. Is the first song from OCR that I've added to my media player that hasn't been accepted. Which is saying alot (b'_')b
  12. Red Kinikacha

    Distractions, a full-length album release

    Interesting album I can't really put my finger on what the music is lacking, but I can't figure what it's needing either. The styles match, which can't be said with many non-mainstream indie (is that an oxymoron?) albums. I can say that it has a very chill, and passive mood to it. All and all, it's enjoyable, which is the most important part. Keep up the work. I don't think I'm very good at constructive or any kind of criticizing through.
  13. Red Kinikacha

    Audiosurf Bank Cam Mode

    The thing that makes me mad about Audio surf is that you have to rename your files for specific stuff. I don't feel the need to go changing my files for Audio Surf when I have to go right back into iTunes to change it back.
  14. Red Kinikacha

    Suggestions for a PSP

    Lets see, they're really hidden SRPG:Yggdra Union, Disagea(near must-buy), Wild Arms XF, Jeanna D'Arc (Must buy of genre) RPG:Riviera (kind've more like a book, than a game) Tales of Eternia (import) Racing: Wipeout Pure. Burnout Platformer: Crush, Castlevania, Loco Roco, Megaman MHX, and N+(It's great for it's price) and you might be interested in God of War, Yu-gi-oh Tagforce 3 (import) and Lumines. As far as Fighters go, I'm a guilty gear man myself and GGXXAC is coming out in march.
  15. Red Kinikacha

    OCR Tiles Project

    Contributing, even if it doesn't get chosen.