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Which Pokémon game would be good to start with?


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I once had a Pink Wooper, after I used the "trade Red Gyarados back and use Mimic on a Ditto" bug to bag a shiny blue ditto from Yellow \o/ I tried to breed it with Feraligatr to see if there was any way I'd get a Totodile with Earthquake, but no dice :D

Man, those were the days when i had bugger all else to do but breed Pokémon.

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I loved how overpowered Mewtwo was (well, any psychic-type Pokemon really), so between my Red and Blue games, I ended up with a legitimately caught and trained army of 6 L100 Mewtwos on my copy of Blue. I never played any tournaments or anything, but my friends always had funny reactions to finally beating one Mewtwo just to see another pop out, then another, another, and so forth. Ahh sixth grade. When Pikablu was *real* and I had the time to beat the same RPG 6 separate times.

Hehe, I had that as well. I believe my neighbour started the "trend" in our circle, with each Mewtwo having one special elemental move. In the end, the only way one could win would be to get the enemy mewtwo frozen solid.

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I remember the simpler times. Back when there was only 151, the old man who was senile would teach you how to catch pokemon, and the last gym leader was trying to take over the world.

Nowadays you kids have your effort values, and your egg moves, and your shinies, and your 800 different kinds of pokeballs, and your 50 different HMs, and your severe lack of Misty, and your National Dex, and your underground hideouts, and your berry trees, and your poffins, and your crazy mixed up breeding egg groups.

Back in my day, you couldn't breed pokemon together. You just had to hope you would find a new one in the wild.

Also that Bidoof thing sure is awesome. We never had a pokemon like that back in the day.

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