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OCR00211 - ActRaiser "Fillmore Freestyle"

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I wish it was a little more in-your-face, but the drum programming, panning, and gating is all top notch and really makes it a great song. Synths all fit together nicely for it to be chill but engaging, and it has plenty of cool ideas to keep things moving along. Great display of skillz here. :-)

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This ReMix is a total mind-blower! The awesome beats and stop-starts really get this song pumping! Every time I hear this ReMix I imagine a side-scrolling level in a dark, crystal cave. I also get a sort of Castlevania vibe from the melody. Outstanding work, McVaffe!

I give this ReMix a perfect 10/10!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00211 - ActRaiser "Fillmore Freestyle"

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