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  1. This definitely caught my emotions quickly. The nay was perfect for this remix. A lot of the remixes I hear on OCR could most definitely be in a movie and it's sad that I may never hear any from this site. I wish it were different. (No that wasn't an insult, there's more talent on here than the "stars" nowadays. And even when there was lots of talent this would definitely be good competition. I hate how people are so prejudiced against game music. Half of the reason for my inspiration to be a music producer derives on gaming music. People put heart and soul into a lot of it.)
  2. Wow that was really well made. It's remixes like this that really make you nostalgic. I want another NES :I
  3. I hate to say it but...I liked nothing of this mix. When it started I was confused and lost interest within literally 10 seconds. There just didn't seem to be any rhythm at all.
  4. When I heard this I instantly thought...'this is going to definitely be one of my favorite mixes on my iPod'. Nuff said
  5. This game was by far my favorite Super Nintendo game. I loved the music, the gameplay, and the story. Heck, at the time I even loved the graphics. I used to play that game over and over when I was little xD ah memories...besides that good job on the mix. I love the boos laughter and Mario's cry mixed in.
  6. Very well done David and all of the other producers I love the bit sounds and all the other electronica elements put in. Very nostalgic. Makes me wanna get an N64 and kick more Smash Bros. butt
  7. really interesting...I'm not exactly sure how to comment on this one past just...interesting lol. But in a good way. It's got a very unique tune
  8. Ok I hate to say this...but what is a MAGFest? Just wondering because it sounds interesting and I'm a little new...sorry x.x
  9. Just to clarify...it actually wasn't Donkey Kong himself that was Mario's nemesis, it was Donkey Kong's uncle wasn't it? Good work btw
  10. You know what...strike that last comment I made. It is annoyingly good in the best way haha. I listened a second time and now I have to download it. It's very chill and can actually somewhat be romantic. It'll clear your head and calm you down and get you motivated all at the same time. So scratch the last comment. I typed too soon. smh.
  11. This is...idk man. Annoyingly good? It's like a mix of a bad song and Kingdom Hearts to me...which is the good part xD I like the birds in the background and yeah it definitely has that spring feel. Not really sure what to say though...uh...good job? Bad job? It's a mix of in between for me.
  12. Awesome dance music indeed. Although to be frank the original mix sounded like a dance mix as well. I love how you deconstructed and reconstructed it to sound more modern. So, I'm sure everyone can agree with me as I say... "UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE!" and dance along
  13. This would definitely be a good jogging tune. "Don't-stop" would definitely keep the motivation x) but besides that, really good job on this. I wasn't sure as I was looking up "Halo" if there were going to be any decent mixes but this is the first one I clicked on and there I have it...I was wrong. I like how you kept the orchestrated part along with the electronica put in. Good job.
  14. The thing about piano is...you really can't not like it. It's one of those instruments that delivers in such a passionate way that you can't ignore it. And this is definitely no exception. kLuTz, you are a genius. Simply put. I love FFVII and its music and I wouldn't even call this a remix. You completely redefined Final Fantasy VII and all its greatness. Amazing work.
  15. This is the best OC remix I've ever heard so far. I had this on loop literally for about 7-8 listens in a row. The only thing I don't like is that it's so short...just like the Resident Evil Main Theme. This has the perfect dark touch mixed with an amazing drum beat. You just can't beat this
  16. This may sound random but...a part of this mix reminds me of MapleStory... O_O great job mixing orchestra and electronica...mixed again with some rock lmao that's very unique keep it up
  17. This is a great remix to the more actiony (in my opinion) Stickerbrush Symphony. Very easy listening that still gives you that nostalgic feeling of "They need to recreate these games or remake the old consoles again". Ha. Great work!
  18. wow...this is the first remix I heard with vocals that actually sounded professional and beautiful. And of all the games it's DKC that surprised me a lot. Great work! Also this is to everyone...I've been trying to find the song to Hugo Strange's death, when you go down into the alleyway and pay your respects to him a beautiful orchestrated piece plays. If ANYONE finds the name to this piece I'd be very very grateful. I can't find it on the OST which really upsets me. Again if anyone finds the name to it...email me at codez1992@gmail.com or just message me on here...
  19. Holy Land: "Haha, this makes me smile. The cheerfulness is infectious. At first I thought it could use a little bit more of interpretation and focus, but once the second half/soloing kicked in I was sold. ...and it left me wanting some more of that "Wipe Out" section. Good stuff Thumbs up." I completely agree with Holy Land. No matter what mood I'm in listening to this remix always makes me smile and feel better. I even laugh a little sometimes it's so cheerful good work on this piece.
  20. I'm sorry...but this to me is not unique in any sense. You combined the James Bond theme with the ancient ruins theme. I didn't even listen to a minute because of it, but maybe that's why I didn't hear anything unique. I like unique right from the start. So I won't say 'you suck'. But I was very disappointed.
  21. Haha great battle theme remix. The beginning was meh to me at first but it kicked in really fast and I instantly loved it ^^
  22. Beautiful piano piece. Final Fantasy VII was always easily one of my favorite games as well as the music that went along with it. I never get sick of the story or music, and I love how you brought Aeris back with a simple yet powerful piece. Very well done.
  23. This fits perfectly with the Mass Effect series. It sounds perfectly familiar yet brings on a unique twist to the music. Very beautiful job. I wouldn't be surprised if your mix ends up in the 3rd installation or any others xD
  24. To all fans of music my name is Cody a.k.a. my musical name Codamadius (coda ma DIEUS). Not DEEus. When I made my musical name I wasn't aiming for a roman name or anything of that sort. It sounded fresh and new to me. Anyway, I'm an aspired artist. I haven't been able to fully make my own music yet but I plan to. I hear music in my head all the time and it hurts not being able to write it down or make it myself yet...but I'll learn. So far all I've been able to do is make pre-made beats by using a program called MixCraft. I've made at least 15-16 now and so far everyone who has heard them likes them. If you want to listen, comment, or give feedback I'd be very happy to read what judges or fans would like to say. www.soundcloud.com/codamadius. I usually don't post comments "advertising" my music but reading all of the comments you all put in such detail gave me the urge to because you give great feedback as I said...the music is not entirely mine as it's pre-made, but the idea and the way I mixed them it might as well be...anyway besides that, as you can see I'm new to OCR and I've already downloaded quite a few mixes. Including this one now great work! Hopefully one day I'll be able to contribute one day as well.
  25. Interesting mix. Nothing obvious coming up and still very interesting to listen to.
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