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A few questions

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I have been working on my song for a while now and have run into a few speed bumps that I should address before moving on. So far I am happy that I am finally starting to get the hang of this Remixing stuff, but that isn't to say there are not at least a few problems.

1. I don't really know how to make my song longer without destroying the entire thing. What I did was Import a Midi file of the song I want to remix just so I could get the notes of the song (Since I am not ear trained). What it did was put the song over enough measures so that it reaches about 1 minute. As I am trying to build my own song using some of these notes obviously I want my tracks that I make to be longer than 1 minute, but each track seems to default to a minute. How can I remedy this?

2. My song requires me to change the speed of the notes being played mid song. I have been reading the threads here, but they all seem to assume I know more than I do. I tried right clicking tempo and doing an automation clip, but I had no idea how to work it. It used a piano roll just like everything else does... I have no clue how pitch has anything to do with the speed of the song, but whatever. I just need to know how to do that.

3. I want to be able to use sounds such as fire burning, wind blowing, and water running in my song. (subtle noises) What is the best way of importing/getting these sounds into the program?

Thank you very much for your patients. I just picked this program up and started using it yesterday so sorry if I am a bit clueless.

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You have to learn to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you run. I'd suggest building a song around what you CAN do and then working up and learning new things as you go. I'd save automation for later. I have absolutely no clue what you mean by each "track" defaulting to one minute. To get mp3's into the song, either create a new audio clip and load the file into there, or put them into a folder that you can find in the browser, and drag'n'drop.

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