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Has anyone had experience with Guitar -> Synth?

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Such an awesome song! Thinking about the guitar tone, it sounds pretty complex. I'm not an expert on gutiar effects chains but I think this is roughly whats happening:

1) Wah pedal

2) Overdrive (For brightness)

3) Small room reverb

4) All run through a phaser

Oh, and of course as with all guitar solos, 5) Chops

Someone else might have a better ear for it though.

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I've heard of this kind of device that you can get installed in your guitar that basically detects the frequency the strings are resonating at, and translates those frequencies to MIDI values so you can control synthesizers and romplers with a conventional, stringed guitar. The only guitarist I can think of off hand who uses this thing is Al Di Meola, he'll play his acoustic and also have a marimba patch loaded, for example, to add character to the sound. I don't know if this is what Daft Punk used exactly, but you could probably accomplish something similar this way.

Hell, if anyone knows what this device is called, you should let me know.

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something like this:


i've played one of those... not that model but the GR20 i think. it works pretty well, you just have to be careful not to let any strings ring that you don't want ringing. you can adjust the sensitivity though. there's also a bit of delay so you'd have to get used to that

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