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  1. hey i'd be interested.. maybe a collab with someone. is there a deadline for claiming tracks?
  2. I've been working on doing chip vocal covers recently... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiCPZttRZtY
  3. nice arrangement.. love the chords. the mix is a bit off though.. lacks low end and the other stuff is clashing EQ-wise with the vocals. of course i'm listening on crappy headphones, so take that with a grain of salt. but good job.. i like it
  4. haha yes jazzy chords. the original chords were pretty jazzy to begin with, so I can't say I embellished them that much
  5. recorded this live: download here: http://posuyan.bandcamp.com/track/animal-crossing-theme-chip
  6. sorry for seeing this late, i haven't been to these forums much recently. i'm busy with too many things at the moment, so i don't think i'll be able to contribute anything to your project

  7. Hi, po, I was curious if you'd be interested in doing a track from a project I'm trying to get off the ground, featuring music from the NES Ninja Gaiden games, as well as selections from the arcade game and Gameboy game. I love your style and think it would fit perfectly, let me know!

  8. Why does our project marginalize BadAss? I definitely don't think it does. Maybe you think this project will be "better" and render their project marginal. Well, it's fine if you think that, but you have to realize when you think that, YOU are the one marginalizing BadAss. This statement could apply to all projects. Every project takes away people who could've helped with other projects. For example, I'm not doing the Wild Arms projects because I'm busy doing other projects. So why does our project specifically hurt BadAss in this regard and not other projects? There's no reason someone couldn't do both BadAss and Bad Dudes. Track overlap you say? There's PLENTY of tracks to choose from, seeing as the scope of both projects spans pretty much every video game ever made. This isn't some Super Dodge Ball or something with only a few tracks.
  9. If people have such a problem with 2 similar projects on OCR, then maybe we should remove Heroes vs Villains as on official OCR project? Personally, I would be against any kind of merging between the 2 projects. Our concept for this project came about through a bit of discussion which was totally independent of BadAss (in fact I only learned of BadAss today). We have our own vision of what we want to create.. so why not let BadAss be BadAss and let Bad Dudes be Bad Dudes.. which is how it was always intended to be.
  10. Ok JM and I are doing SAGAAAAAT We are calling out ZIRCON to do Ryu
  11. so it seems like a lot of people want to see Bad Dudes take the villains and OCR take the heroes. should we take a formal vote on this? or maybe the powers that be would like to just set the rules so we don't have people fighting over tracks
  12. it's a good idea and i'd like to see it happen, but it might be difficult if a baddude wanted to do a hero track and didn't have any ideas for a villain track. forcing or constraining tracks on people may not result in the best outcome, but i suppose there's already a decent constraint with the hero/villain pairs
  13. my goals are, in no particular order - make MORE music - MAKE more music - make more MUSIC
  14. i almost always do EQ (and compression) as the first thing i ever do to a track. i generally lay down effects in the order that they usually go in the signal chain, ie. compression -> EQ -> chorus -> reverb there's a good reason for this order, as it goes from most fundamental alterations (compression) to least fundamental (reverb is just icing on the cake). reverb is always the very last thing i do to the entire mix.. after everything is done i just go track by track and add reverb sends i like to EQ as early as possible since it makes things easier to listen to, and also so that my EQ settings can evolve over time. every day i listen to the mix i have a fresh set of ears and can tweak the EQ to where eventually it settles into the "proper" EQ. sometimes i do get frustrated over the mix and will redo the EQ of every track from scratch if it sounds totally wrong
  15. that happens to me ALL THE TIME. pretty much every thing i do hits this block at least once. usually i don't force anything.. coming back to it after some time off usually helps because by then i'll have different sounds and ideas in my head
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