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  1. This does justice to both the game and the movie. Fallout 3 had a very memorable theme but I always figured it would be unlikely to get remixed... thanks for proving that wrong Very atmospheric piece, love it!
  2. Dayumn! Thats the dirtiest remix I ever heard! You better hope no one calls the police on you cause this is the auditory equivalent to indecent exposure
  3. That one probably took a couple years off his life expectancy.
  4. ROBOVoice, Team Gato, and now Rhymes With Elixer, are clearly the best remixes of all time!
  5. Wow, I love it! Hope to hear more remixes like this in 2010
  6. Could this trailer be any LESS like the Fallout 3 trailer? Apparently this one's dev team is being lead by the guys who made Fallout 1 and 2, so there's some added incentive to play it. Mind you, I've only played Fallout 3 so I missed out on the originals. Makes me wonder how different this one will be from Fallout 3 (considering that when Fallout 3 came out, all the purists were saying it felt nothing like a Fallout game)
  7. This is one of the best things I've heard from you Jewbei hurry up and finish! And the Sakura remix too
  8. Best thread of 2010! Yeah I dont have anything funny to contribute.
  9. abg

    Judge resignation

    This just means even more time for making remixes, right..?
  10. At last, a game is made from the fabric of the soul. And now, it's closer than ever! Seriously though.. that's a great song but it's got no business being in a Final Fantasy. I play RPGs for escapism and FF13 just reeks of japanese pop culture. At least FF14 looks to retain the FANTASY half of the franchises' long running title. Hopefully we won't find out that the main theme for that one is coming to us from Kanye West or something.
  11. I must be a little late to the party, seeing as how everyone else seems to have heard this before? Anyways, I really enjoyed this, the radio concept for the intro was cool And I really like the character of this remix, its a lot of fun to listen through! Great work LuIzA!
  12. Looks like the beta sign up is for the Windows version only... I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for when they start taking applications for the PS3 beta.
  13. Mmmm excellent! This is one of my favourite songs from the FFX soundtrack and I love your take on it
  14. That square lead that comes in at 4:20 (wait, seriously? haha) is just so awesome... I was flowin along, bobbing my head to the beat and then WHAM - shivers! Amazing vocal work as well, and the arrangement feels great. Top notch work! Thanks for sharing Oh and happy 1st you two!
  15. Once upon a time, I had a PS3 Oblivion file with 500+ hours of gameplay. Then, randomly, the harddrive died and I had to get a warranty exchange. I cried
  16. abg

    Thanks :) It was fun

  17. I only just found out about this... thanks for playing my remix in ep 1 I'll check out the next episodes soon!
  18. Forget Spoony. The Forky Experimentation is where it's at!
  19. Very enjoyable remix! To pull off a track like this requires a certain amount of care and thoughtfulness, and you totally nailed it.
  20. This is amazingly well programmed and energetic as hell! Absolutely 100% rocked this remix, brilliant work E-Bison
  21. Yeah I brought that one up a while ago: http://ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=560625&postcount=748 Staff probably all uses Firefox so it wasn't a huge priority at the time
  22. oshi I like it! Never was a fan of the sidebar anyways. The more subdued color scheme brings out the colours in the mascots and other graphical content more. One thing though, the log in for the forums is appearing behind the main menu... here's a screenshot http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/6307/forumlogin.jpg
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