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*NO* Bubble Bobble 'Noise'


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Eep. I'm not caring too much for this one.

The main melody sounds too.. regular to me.

It sounds like, the original melody was taken and some abstract drum loops were overlayed.

Maybe just my preference, I hate to let it get the best of me, but I'm gonna have to say No on this one.

Note: The ending tipped the scale really. Cutoff ending != good.

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Hehehe. I think this fits the original quite well, although it's a bit sparse. The ending, while cut off, isn't as blantant as some other cutoffs I've heard.

So I'll give it a yes, because I think the style is appropiriate for this particular mix.

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Sounds a little empty. If I could do one thing to improve the mix, it would be to add more layers. The ending needs a lot of work also - I'm getting pretty frustrated with cutoff endings! High point for me would be the precussion, which was used a lot more creatively than most mixes and realy fits the style well. Overall this is catchy and, though it has some problems, squeezes by with a yes from me.

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I'm gonna go ahead and give this a yes because I think someone out ther ... wait. no. I changed my mind. The layers I'm hearing in this song are exactly the same as the ones in the game. Now granted we don't want to have an ORIGINAL on our hands here, but it'd be nice if it didn't sound like the game + drums, which is what I'm hearing but it could just be me. That was kind of my concern with the Green Beret mix, but meh. See. 8-bit was so small sounding. That's why we do remixes usually. If the song had been SO incredibly well done with great instruments and perfect orchestration the FIRST time, we wouldn't have a desire to do remixes except maybe to hear it in a different light (i.e. Walter Murphy's "A Fifth of Beethoven.") But after hearing the original, I don't really feel like he's done a lot with it. Granted not every remix should be cookie cutter, so I'm kind of drawn on this one. Who's to say it's empty and not the way he intended it to be? Ugh. I'm just gonna say no because otherwise EVERY mix will get through and then it'll just be vgmix all over again.

Concise review:

Needs to be filled in a bit more. Try maybe background ambience or arpeggios. It's up to you but in its current state it sounds a bit too much like the original with a drum beat slapped over top of it.


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*Looks around*

Where's Pizza when you need him to break a tie.

*comes running in a la Sakura*

Here I am! Here I am! :D Sorry I'm late guys. Okies, here we go...

*looks at the poll results thus far* 8O

Gee willikers, another tie to break *cracks knuckles*

No, and here's why...

Like orky and Daniel said, it needs more layering. It sounds empty. Besides, .nsf + slapped on drum loop = submissions violation. The drum loop is fine, but adding some more instruments to the mix would definitely be helpful. I'm not saying that the .nsf sample needs to be absent altogether, but it does need something so that it's not 50% of what we're hearing.

On a side note, Daniel makes a good point about setting presidence.

I'm just gonna say no because otherwise EVERY mix will get through and then it'll just be vgmix all over again.

He's right. If we approve this, then we gotta approve 'em all.

I'm gonna go ahead and email the poor basta..., gentleman and let him in on our comments. Well done chaps! :lol:

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