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OCR01845 - Legend of Zelda "Zelda Heineken"


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Yes, the novelty factor here is extremely high (but I don't think it's as high as some people think, imo). Yes, it also sticks kinda close to the source.

BUT this is probably one of the more important and fascinating mixes to appear within the last year because it questions some of the most basic assumptions of arrangement. It addresses issues not of style or source but of substance. It speaks to me that there is a whole dang lot of uncharted territory and originality that has yet to be explored!

Needless to say, this is, imo, a timeless piece that hopefully will be enjoyed for a long time.

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I agree that this one’s definitely a bit gimmicky. But golly, it’s a nice gimmick! The bottle sounds are pleasant, cleanly recorded, and dang it, the novelty factor’s pretty high. Even so, the original parts about halfway through give it a lot of its own style. And while the timing errors Mr. Other Matthias mentioned are certainly present, I kind of think it just adds some imperfection, that famous human quality, to the song. A gold star from me.

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