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SM57 repair options?

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I thought these things were indestructable but that apparently doesn't include sitting on a mic stand unused for a year, because it no longer works properly.

My preamp works. My soundcard works. I bought a new mic cable and that works too. The mic itself still makes a tiny amount of sound when I crank the gain way up on everything and bang the mic on my desk, but that's it. is anyone experienced with repairing dynamic mics? I don't have another $100 to blow on a new one.


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well, without having it in my hands to actually test shit with, it's almost impossible to really help you diagnose this aside from telling you the generic, pop that sucker open and just make sure all the solder spots are still connected well.

I've definitely had to revive a 57 or 2 because a single wire popped off, or just because loose and making a bad connection in the body of the mic.

I believe with the 57 though, be careful when pulling it apart, because the wires are held to each piece, so if you just unscrew the capsule and yank the body off, you might take the wires with it too.

That's about all I can suggest. good luck

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If its not picking up sound properly but you're sure the signal path through it is fine, then the coils aren't moving through the magnets properly, which either means the diaphragm isn't moving freely or the coils aren't.

If its something that delicate, it would likely be cheaper to just buy a replacement then to have it fixed, being as cheap as 57s are. Have you tried an email to shure? They would know the most about repair issues I'd assume.

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If its something that delicate, it would likely be cheaper to just buy a replacement then to have it fixed...

Naw! don't do that convert it into a "weird" mic for your collection... if you are still getting signal from it try doing some radical EQing coming on the board and just see what sounds and freqs you can get out of it. If you can get anything cool maybe you could use it?

When my 1st SM58 busted it lost ALL high end... like LP Filtered at 1KHz. So when I tweaked and pushed I found that even though I can't use it for clean vox anymore I can still push the diaphram really hard and get a cool singing distorted voice guitar sound.



Crap+Crap=Interesting (possibly)

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