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Project Street Fighter 2010 the Final Fight.

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Hi all!


The year 2010 is near. So...are we really going to see aliens, robots and upgraded humans with Cyboplasm running amok? Nah, i don't think so either.

Anyway, hopefully we are going to see, no hear a one-man arrange album with 5 selected tracks (maybe more in the future) close to the original by the end of 2009. Why did i start to make an album of this game? I had an urge to hear how the game soundtrack would sound if it's arranged. And the other reason is because the gamesoundtrack has potential and i don't see many remixes being made for it yet. Which i think it's a shame.

I just want to share this with you all and to let you know that i am working on it. I wouldn't mind if people on OCRemix want this to be a bigger than a one-man project.

The original 8-bit tracks can be found here (need NSF player/plugin to play them):


The following 8-bit tracks are selected:

Track 1

Track 2

Track 4

Track 13

Track 14

The following links are the video and the mp3, it's a 2 minute demo of all 5 tracks to give you the first impression.

The youtube demo version can be found here:

The mp3 file can be downloaded here:


or here:


The 5 tracks will be posted later to give feedback on, if you want.

Cover art:


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And the other reason is because the gamesoundtrack has potential and i don't see many remixes being made for it yet. Which i think it's a shame.


Am I even ALLOWED to link you to this? I dunno. But it's worth a mention.

EDIT: Forgot to check yours out, and when I did, I found that it's a lot more interesting than just the same old "guitar, bass, synth, drums" arrangements. You have my praise for this. :D

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Thats a pretty impressive mix there. Didn't knew about this, thanks.

Yeah, it is a very impressive track by Dr. Manhattan...but I personally think yours sounds a lot more interesting. There's a lot more going on than just rock instruments, which is what I think most arrangements need. If this is to be a purchasable album, I'll buy it for sure.

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I have dreamed of this project since I first played it in 91 but never had the time (or the talent, for that matter) to do it nor the exposure of a proper forum to pull it through! Finally someone has realized how great this game's soundtrack is! I stand up, take off my hat and applaud your project!

Might I throw in my 2c? Have you tried replacing the lead viola on track 1 with a brass ensemble supported by a layer of slow strings to give it a deeper 'space opera' feeling? Also, could I suggest increasing the speed of track 13 and make it a bit heavier so as to reflect the sense of urgency and rush of the original game level?

I eagerly look forward to the finished work! Will make a great X-mas present to all the VG community!

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Oh man, this is bringing back so many memories now. This was one of my favorite games growing up--I completely forgot how absolutely amazing the music was! (Actually, I think this may be one of the reasons I always had an affinity for cyberpunk.) It tended not to get as much notice for some reason... maybe it was the insane difficulty?

Anyway, on your two-minute demo, the theme from 0:56 to 1:20 is perhaps my favorite (theme-wise and remix-wise, from what I can tell thus far). I'm really looking forward to the completion of this.

Excuse me now while I load this game up for some nostalgia. KF

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Sounds great! Well, the news that is. I've already mentioned how the tracks themselves sound great.

When I went back to my mother's place for Thanksgiving, one of the first things I did was hook up my old NES and pop in Street Fighter 2010. I'm still good at it, but not good enough to get past the sand-dunes...

By the way, I'm not recognizing the theme from 1:45 to the end in your YouTube demo. Where's that one from? KF

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