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  1. I liked a lot this arrangement ! Great sound and great playing (and of course great sources).
  2. Ça rappelle des souvenirs ça ! Good job dude !
  3. Scaredsim

    OCR03284 - DuckTales "Apollo Duck"

    The intro is awesome ! This is some great Willrock stuff.
  4. WHAT ! CHM didn't even tell me about that ! Il faut que j'écoute ça.
  5. Wonderful rendering of two great sources, by two great arrangers. Thank you for this !
  6. Excellent arrangement, I like it a lot ! I would love to be able to play like this. Oh, I alsmo forgot : Let There Be Jazz !
  7. I couldn't expect better from Sixto and Willrock... this is sooo catchy !!! COWABUNGAWESOME !
  8. Scaredsim

    Happy Ragnarok Everyone!

    That second link is AWESOME !
  9. Yeees ! More Diddy Kong Racing stuff, it's nice !
  10. This is incredible ! It's totally Ice Cap.
  11. I love Patrick's work and I love Kirby's Adventure soundtrack... what else ?
  12. Scaredsim

    OCR02715 - Ragnarök Online 'Pwntera'

    OA stuff as I like, yes !
  13. This is absolutely brilliant. I think I love her too.
  14. This is a really great cover, well done !