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  1. Interesting remix you've got going here. It sounds as though it was arranged to be part of a Mega Man game.
  2. Incredible work and it's nice to finally see this one posted on the main page. I've been a huge fan of this remix since the first WIP posting. Keep up the good work!
  3. I feel the same way about that. Adding vocals to a Sonic game is disruptive to the experience.
  4. I'm still perfectly happy with Windows XP which gets daily use along with Vista on my laptops and 7 on my netbook. WIndows 8 looks fine for a portable computer, but I wouldn't ever use it for a desktop. Here's hoping that software developers don't force us to use that tiled UI shell in the future. I can't even begin to imagine how Photoshop would function properly in it.
  5. Wow, someone actually took on SEGA's challenge? I'll definitely give this a listen
  6. The Legend of Zelda brought me here, and then I got busy with a lot of stuff and forgot about the site...but a little while later, I read a mention of OCR in an issue of EGM and have been lurking about ever since.
  7. This is my favorite track from the Threshold of a Dream album, I've had it on loop for more than an hour.
  8. Finally, it's out! Currently copying it over to my iPod as I type this. Great job you guys!
  9. Nah, the dream was the album being released on December 6th. Was that posted date a product of someone's rampant enthusiasm or possibly a way to hook us all in before the actual release date?
  10. I hope it passes swiftly, I'm getting a new tablet soon
  11. Possibly, the end of the thread title was changed to RELEASE DATE DEC. 2010.
  12. When I listen to this, it makes me envision a waterfall, much like what we see on the game's title screen. Was this intentional, and does anyone else get the same sense?
  13. Me four, though I probably won't be up much longer, I have a lot of stuff to work on tomorrow...
  14. I had no idea FAC existed here at OCR, and I just happened to stumble here after the deadline! Oh well, maybe next time
  15. I can wait patiently when I know it will be worth it, like in this case!
  16. Looks like I'm a little too late to give it a listen, the links are dead now Do you still have the RAR files uploaded somewhere?
  17. So...there will finally be an OC ReMix album...for a Zelda game, soon!? O.o If this is the case, 2010 is going down as the best year ever for fan made VG music
  18. Have you given up on this remix? If so, that's a shame, I listened to every WIP version and liked how it was evolving.
  19. Ah, 2010, the year of change I'd go by my real name, but I only switched to blueamnesiac/BLUamnEsiac 3 years ago. Before that I had the handle CPU3X for over 10 years. But congrats on accepting the awesomeness of your true name!
  20. Heh, I'll take you up on that That one sketch I made so far wouldn't have been completed without listening to your music. I was given this bizarrely elaborate request and couldn't visualize it, even after playing Tetris for a few hours (my meditation). But scrolling through the workshop forums I came across this, and bam! Inspiration was born.
  21. Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the final version and the Milky Way Wishes version
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