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Final Fantasy VI - Grand Finale

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I've been a LOOOOOOOOOONG time lurker on OCR.

Just now remembered my log/pass from ages ago.


I really don't know if anyone's suggested this before, but theres a song from Final Fantasy VI that I dont think has even been touched yet.

Grand Finale, the song that played during your fight with Ultros at the opera.

such a good song. (I happen to be a battle music addict, but still.)

Thus follows a Youtube of the sauce.

At 00:50 in.

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I'm really hoping this one gets noticed. FFVI has been touched on so many times yet this song hasnt been brought any justice, despite it's potential.

(Uh, also, thanks to the mod that renamed the thread, I was meaning to do that. :P)

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I agree in that FFVI is in it's own league in contrast to the rest of the series. It excels in mostly all aspects of what you want in an RPG.

It's the brightest gem in the selection of games. :P

I would like for Grand Finale to have a remix, but that isn't to say that the original is bad. In all due respect, I can make due with it just fine but seeing what modern day technology makes due with the sync and composing, I'm curious about.

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Ever heard the full-orchestra version of this track that's part of the full opera track from Orchestral Game Concert 4? It's pretty much awesome.

FFVI is my favorite game of all time, and my favorite VGM soundtrack as well. And as much attention as it gets, there are still a few neglected gems here and there. Any love they get would be awesome.

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