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8 bit Breakin'


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Just ran across this tonight. Kaiten Ninja is a japanese bboy crew (break dancing). This is their routine at Battle of the Year Asia.

Thought you'd all appreciate it as its done to a bunch of classic VG music, megaman, mario, castlevania, and pacman among others. I can't identify all of them, though I'm sure someone can.

And yeah the title is not really accurate.

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Haha that was pretty cool.

And if you liked that, you also might like this too...

It's a show by ABDC winners Super Crew when they were in Korea for the R-16 International event. Show's revolved around Mario, but the whole things isn't like...ENTIRELY mario I guess...

Oh and you might like this one from 0:17 to 0:34 haha.

Sounds awfully familiar ^_^

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