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Syncing to Transposing Slider... Or something.

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Are you talking about the master pitch slider on the top left, or the pitch slider in a single channel?

For pitch bend range on a channel, it probably depends on the VST. Generally, however, there should be a setting to control the pitch bend range within the VST. Have you looked for that? I'm assuming you've done this, but have you checked the range on the "Plugin" tab of the channel window for the VST?

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If you really want to be ridiculous and roundabout, alter the pitch seperately after exporting (in Soundforge or something or even Edison), but before exporting, divide your project's BPM by (1+the % you're increasing the pitch by).


bpm / 1.5 (33% slower)

pitch * 1.5 (50% higher)

= 50% higher, same speed

To actually answer your question though.. if you like being able to quickly turn up the pitch of an entire project, you're probably SoL at least with FLStudio. For one thing, you'll never get the master pitch knob to affect audio clip tracks.

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