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OCR01133 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 'Fungus Funktion'


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Hey pretzel guy. It is I, Dj Orange. I've grown less and less fond of the title 'DJ' over the past few blah blah blah... but meh.

Today I am making a submission, but also, if it's not too much trouble, I would like to withdraw a previous submission (or two).

Title: FungusFunktion

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Song: Mysterious Woods from Link's Awakening

Artist: Dj Orange

I'm quite pleased with this one. It's kind of funky, hence the title. I don't really like describing my own music - make up your own mind(s). I did the ID3v2 tags.

And now to mention those submissions that I am not quite pleased with. Currently I have in the queue:

Super Mario Bros 3 - Lose Your Way Maze

Mega Man 3 - Shadow Man (Dish Fight)

Yoshi's Island - Nu Adventure

Wonder Boy 3 - Dragon Food

That's quite a number of remixes, and some of them I feel will not appeal to the judges, so I wish to


> Mega Man 3 - Shadow Man (Dish Fight)

> Wonder Boy 3 - Dragon Food

from the queue. If it is more trouble than it's worth to find these submissions and delete them from the queue, meh, that's okay. If it isn't, great, but don't delete Yoshi's Island - Nu Adventure please!


~Davy Jones Orange

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Borderline YES from me.

I'd LOVE to hear some major improvement on the quality and mastering of the drums. 'Cause there are some really cool and original ideas here. Actually, I enjoy the second half of the song grossly more than the first. I love the original horn chords and the ambience used from time to time. My only BIG gripe is the drums, which I wish were more solid sounding. But I can get past that.


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I really enjoyed this; there's a lot of kinetic energy here. Samples are pretty good, and those horn chords make me feel like a superspy. 8)

I also like how the song jumps right back in at 2:39 after the fake-out fade-out. Really groovy stuff.

Only gripe is that snare sample; I'd have preferred something like a rimshot or something a bit more DnB sounding.

Overall though, quite nice.


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Excellent ideas here as this is a very unique mix. I think the mixing on this one is very weak though. The melody is at times either nonexistent or not as prominent as it should be. Something about this sounds disorienting though. Also the transition point at 2:39 isn't too good. There's some parts of the mix that don't really sound that great, and others that sound terrific. The bassline in the sections at :55 and is repeated throughout most of the mix got on my nerves after a while. Nice job on the arrangement. So due to the interesting arrangement, this gets a borderline YES.

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