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...there is a properties menu of sorts in the upper left corner of the screen that you can pull down and specify the key.

Yep, there is. Select the loop, and change the Transposition. It looks blank but it's there. Grab under the Loop checkbox, or you might open the transposition menu where yo ucan only select octaves (which doesn't work properly anyway). Click and drag right under the Loop checkbox toc hange it seminote by seminote.

Or wait, maybe I should keep this info to myself since I use LE, not Studio. :P

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Logic 7.2 Pro

When you drag your apple loop onto an Audio Track, a box in the upper left of the arrange window says "Follow Temp:" un-check that and your loop with play back at the recorded tempo. Of course, it will be out of sync unless your recording is the same tempo / groove as your song.

If you want you can set the loop region / bars to the length you want the file to be and you can use the "Adjust Region Length to Locators" function in the Audio tab in the Arrange Window to make the file the length of the loop region.

IF you are worried about maintaining pitch you can try and use the Helper tools Pitch Shift and Pitch Corrector... I'm not sure if they are Pro features or not.

I've not had to do this yet at the studio on Studio, so I'm not sure on its procedure but it can't be THAT different.

Hope you got some new ideas.

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