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EarthBound Twoson wip


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Nice job, especially with the Twoson mix. :-P

I'm having trouble hearing the source for the Winters mix. Still sounds fantastic.

You think this'll make it through the OCR chip ruling?

you might be listening to the wrong winters source. here's a midi for reference:


twoson would be more likely to pass than winters imo, but i could see winters passing if the final product is solid. my remixes aren't really chiptunes... more like enhanced representations of chiptune sounds.

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Track skip @ ~2:42-43 in the Winters mix. Intentional?

i noticed this myself.. it's not intentional, and i don't really know exactly what caused it (lots of FX automation going on at that point might have freaked out my weak cpu). it's only present in the mp3.

i'd go back and fix it, but i really have no intention of submitting this to OCR, and i'm lazy :sleepdepriv:

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