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OCR01897 - Reset Generation "TRIX"


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Thanks Jade.. I hope to obsess you more with wild arms songs.. :P

Hey hey, lets keep this on topic folks ha.

Jade: I appreciate your comment, but I can't really contend with people you're in a pre-existing relationship with.

Thanks for all the nice feedback, I enjoyed making the track. I actually had 95% of the track finished within 2 days of the competition starting, and came back to add some touches before submitting it. I did spend a large part of both days working on the track though. Wish I had done a vocal edit, but it's still possible (for fun) if anyone wants to lay some down over the track.

Also, I got my 8-Bit shirt in the mail and it's awesome. Thanks!

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Yay for chiptune dancefunk. I really like the fact that even though there is a lot of synth-play in this, it's done in a more subtle way than you'd find in a straight electropop rendition. This way, everything can melt in and create one vein of gooey damce.

Things get most interesting in the final third when the layers are really piled on, but the entire mix is remarkable for its sleek, chippy fun. People shouldn't be worried that this comes from an obscure source on the dreaded N-Gage, nor that it didn't win the competition it was arranged for. This is purely fun, purely danceable retro funk with some nicely used sounds and some really great attention to detail. Although it didn't win, we the listeners, are all winners for having heard it (/corn).

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01897 - Reset Generation "TRIX"

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