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RoeTaKa - Planet Nestune


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I got tired of using Famitracker after a while, I just wanted to play, I just wanted to play! So I've done another one of them NES'ish songs like Nesty Business which I think is much more fun to do.


My issue with famitracker is the interface. It's not bad, but it's really time consuming to navigate, especially if you're starting out. I'm so used to the fl score approach that I end up losing it just trying to space my notes out in famitracker the way I want. Being a noob doesn't help, but still. I wish someone would simply take the famitracker instrument creator and make a VST out of it for fl studio. Speaking of, what are you using for your NES-alike sounds? I have the NES soundfont, and I've found I can mimic the arpeggio chiptune effect half-decently well with the delay effect. I've used the granulizer with some samples, but it's hit and miss...

Anyway, on to your track now: I love this. It immediately brought a smile to my face. First of all, the hook is beautiful. The track as a whole is insane, it has this kind of positive energy and a playful, frenetic dark feel at the same time, and it's damn catchy. I said I was impressed with your last track, but this one is freaking me out. If there was a stage in mega man 9 for funk man, this would be on the ost. I'm not sure I can pay you a higher compliment than that.

MOAR!!! I want a whole album of this glory. :grin:

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