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OCR01141 - *YES* Final Fantasy 7 'Sweeter than Honey'

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Once upon a time, there was a boy. One fateful summer, he was spending a dreary day of his summer vacation in his beach house with NOTHING TO DO. Such horror! Fortunately, he brought along his extensive collection of FF CDs for such occasions. He chose to listen to an album he hadn't heard in a while: FFVII Reunion Tracks. As he listened to one of the...more ill-chosen *cough* of the tracks, he found himself thinking, to his surprise, "You know, there's a LOT of musical material in this track! I bet I could remix it!"

The result is what you have here, this utterly perverse arrangement of "Honeybee Manor" from FFVII. Furthermore, this is my firstest ever submission to the site. Go me. w00t, and so forth.

ReMixer name/"handle": Will Buck

ReMixer e-mail: GoodGrief51@aol.com

Title of ReMix: Sweeter Than Honey

Game: Final Fantasy VII

Original Track Name: Honeybee Manor

That ought to do it for information, right?

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Oh man. The original of this song sucked SOOOOOOO MUCH.

HA! This is so cool!

Man, talk about taking a total piece of shit and making something sweet ass out of it.

Really impressed here.


Could be louder, but nice. Yes.. nice.

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--a bit on the quiet side/ muffled and distant quality to the sound

--samples do have a sort of "general midi" sound, but they're serviceable

--within the genre of symphonic music, this is perhaps a bit too straightforward and the arranging tends to be on the sparse side

--form seems lack a certain sort of logic- what I mean is that arrangement comes off as a bit sectionalistic. Rather than a logical sequence of ideas designed to build tension and maintain interest, the piece seems to be made up of fairly independent sections, and as such there's a lack of focus and forward momentum to the work

--I do appreciate the significant change in style and overall feel between the original and your arrangement

A nice mix that tilts to the better side of average


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Man, this really reminds me of when I was a kid and i'd put on midi files all day long while I played shareware Windows games. That said, I enjoy the arrangement immensely. But the sound quality is just ridiculously low. Even applying Fluid Soundfont or Squidfont would kick this pig up a few notches.

I can't, in good faith to the other pieces on the site, pass this, when the sound quality is so drastically substandard. It isn't hard to get at least decent orchestral samples, and the skill shown here in the arrangement suggests the ingenuity to program them effectively.

I'd pass this in a second if it was run through a better soundfont. For now,


Please, I beg of you, resubmit with better samples.


Give Fluid a shot. You might be surprised.


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