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Active Knowledge - Pyramid Neon - Free download


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Hey there,

Just putting this out there, but I have released my album Pyramid Neon. It is the culmination of about 3-4 years working with a MIDINES cartridge to write songs influenced by Mega Man, progressive metal/rock and other random goodness. The entire album is free to download at the link below in multiple formats - if you like it, let me know! If you don't, let me know why!

Listen/download at listen.activeknowledgemusic.com

Here are some fun links if you'd like to get in touch. I created BOSTON8BIT.com earlier this month, so if you're a chiptune artist that would like to play in the area feel free to contact me at chris@boston8bit.com. If you'll be in the area, Nintendo Music Thursday begins @ FELT in Downtown Boston on October 8th. $8 cover, great chiptune music to be had! Cheers!


AK @ Thesixtyone

AK @ Myspace


BOSTON8BIT @ Myspace



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Wow, thanks a lot! :-D All of these tracks were built in Ableton Live, and fed out to the NES via a MIDINES cartridge. The cart spits out the various notes with the 2A03 chip inside the system, and also does some really fun visual stuff based on the notes/samples played. It ends up looking something like this

Thanks again!

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The NES is playing most of the sounds on the tracks, but there are some patches in Ableton Live on certain ones that I wanted to flesh out. The visuals are coming out of the NES cart as well, and are based on the data coming into the Nintendo. Triumph has a crunchy FM bass patch toward the end, just because I love that Sega bass sound so hard. Hopefully the guy that's working on a Genesis MIDI cartridge will complete it and start selling, because I'll be in a whole new world if I can implement a Sega in my set. :-D

The album is free and released under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution Share-Alike, which means anyone is free to remix or mashup the tracks as long as they credit me somehow. I don't even really care about that, I just want to get my sounds out to as many ears as possible. Spread the word if your friends would dig it, and add me wherever you can find Active Knowledge (Facebook, Myspace, etc. etc.)

Thanks for all the positive feedback, cheers!

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Yeah, this is definitely awesome stuff. Its got the complete NES sound feel to it. It reminds me of popping in a brand NEW cartridge back in 88 or 89 when i was only about 5 years old, lol.

Much appreciated - the feeling you're talking about is exactly the one that I'm trying to get across. After having all of those songs from my youth implanted deep within my brain, it's such a great feeling to be able to create new ones. :-)

Spread the word if you have friends that would dig it, I'm hoping to do a mini-tour of New England and perhaps the east coast sometime in the next year!

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