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Lecture Recital on Music for Saxophone and Tape (CNY Meetup?!?)

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"i pepper my music with sugar": an analysis of selected saxophone works by jacob ter veldhuis

so, i'm doing this recital on the 19th. i'll be playing two pieces - Billie and Pitch Black by Jacob ter Veldhuis - after discussing them for around a half hour. should be a good time.

for those who don't know who jacob ter veldhuis is, he's an ultra-tonal (read: no dying animal sounds...nice to listen to!) minimalistic composer who writes an abnormal amount of music for instruments with a tape accompaniment. billie and pitch black are both based on famous jazz musicians - billie's based on the jazz singer billie holiday, and pitch black is based on chet baker, the druggie trumpet player who was a leader in the cool jazz movement.

both pieces are comprised of complex accompaniments developed from interviews of each artist taken during their lifetimes. jtv's excellent at making music of just generic sound, and does some pretty awesome stuff during the course of the pieces. you can preview both pieces here - it's the first two pieces. check out postnuclear winterscenario no. 10 (written during the gulf war) and grab it! (inspired by deaths row inmates screaming at schoolchildren to not do what landed the inmates on deaths row in the first place) as well.

it's on sept. 19th at 1pm, in iger lecture hall on ithaca college's campus. anyone and everyone is invited if you're in the area. not that i expect anyone to be able to come, but i'll have some space for people to stay over if they make the drive. not a lot, but enough. and i've got two n64s, a 360, and a kickass PC for games if anyone's bored.

i'm planning on posting the recordings of the lecture and each piece once i get a recording done, so those who are interested can listen online.

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Definitely....different than what I might been expecting, since I'm not usually exposed to this kind of stuff often, but it was quite mesmerizing and your performance seemed pretty much flawless. After the initial shock of getting used to what I was listening to, I really started to groove man. You should be extremely proud cause your sax playing is the best its ever been, and consistently making my jaw drop as I re-listen, bro.

You get max nice-works: :nicework::nicework::nicework::nicework:

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